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The Expotition
The Expotition Instructions KHII
Kana/Kanji どうくつ探検隊
Rōmaji Dōkutsu Tanken-tai
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts II
World(s) 100 Acre Wood
Reward(s) Sweet Memories

The Expotition (どうくつ探検隊 Dōkutsu Tanken-tai?, lit. "Cave Expedition") is a mini-game that is available after receiving the Torn Page that unlocks the Spooky Cave in the 100 Acre Wood. Sora can re-play the mini game by talking to Kanga.

The game consists of all the members of the story trying to find Winnie the Pooh, with Sora guiding them trough the cave. As Sora walks around he is able to call the group to follow him or instruct them to stay behind, in the form of a Reaction Command.

No Heartless are encountered on the mission, instead the player will face groups of flying bees that will sting Sora and the rest of his group. If the bees sting the group, their bravery will decrease, and if it depletes completely, the group will break apart and each member will run around wildly. The "Settle Down!" reaction command will appear, prompting the group to rejoin.

Within the cave, there are large patches of ice that can be walked on. However, after a few steps onto the ice it shines a light blue, causing Sora to slip and fall over. There are also rocks that fall from the ceiling, much in the same way they do in the Underworld. In the cave there is also a small amount of treasure chests.

Eventually, Pooh is found at the end of the cave, surrounded by a collection of crystal shards. He says he came here to try and remember a friend that he had forgotten. Eventually, it is revealed that it was Sora that Pooh was trying to remember, and when he does, Sora leads him and the others out of the cave. The Sweet Memories Keychain is unlocked after completing this mini-game.


Sora and his friends need to find Pooh in less than 90 seconds to complete Jiminy's Journal objective.



  • The Expotition mini-game is based off of the 1997 direct-to-video film Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin in which Winnie-the-Pooh and company go on an "expotition" through a spooky cave to find their missing friend.

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