Status of ChernabogEdit

Chernabog does indeed count as a major villain because he is the major antagonist on End of the World. He is a hostile character who is the boss of a world, same as Clayton. If you want to get picky, End of the World doesn't really add anything to the story, so do we still count it as a world or just an area? It's still a world. Once we lay down the criteria, we stick with it, and Chernabog fits the criteria for a Villain. Oathkeeper KHRoxasNobodyOblivion KH 01:54, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

Ok cool. Here's my reasons:
1. He has no lines at all and just appears only appears once to fight you.
2.He maybe acting under his own will but he doesn't have a large role in the End of The World other than blocking Sora and Co from passing.
3. Clayton of Deep Jungle isn't in the league of villains either but on the other hand he had a pretty large role in the plot within the world and did many other things. The main villain of End Of The World would be Heartless Ansem himself. He played a really large role from beginning towards the end of the game leading up to Sora going to End Of The World to face him as the final boss of the game and also the world itself.
Its quite possible that maybe Ansem lured/summoned Chernabog to block Sora & Co from passing through the End Of The World. Ansem pretty much outshined him in the End Of The World plot as its main antagonist since he had more to do there than Chernabog did just waiting for Sora & Co to come then battling them. Therefore he does not have enough relevance in the End Of The World plot to be considered as an a Disney villain of the world.

Bluebeat 03:20, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

I believe that Ansem The Heartless had more relevance to the storyline of the world itself. Read the setting section of the world right here. Click here .

As you can see Chernabog was just a sub-boss of the world. Sora & Co still had more rooms and enemies to cover after he is defeated so isn't really relevant enough to be considered as a villain. There's no use on calling him a "Disney Villain" just for the sake of the fact that he is the only Disney character that appears in the world and you somehow have to battle him which made the goal of stopping Ansem in the world unimportant when it should be. Bluebeat 03:38, March 22, 2012 (UTC)