Hollow Bastion (the physical castle)Edit

Though I know the in-game content seems to confirm that the Hollow Bastion we know from KH is the same castle we see in KHBBS and KHII, I am still not convinced. Is it just me or does the "Villain's Vale" castle appear to be the ruins of the KH Hollow Bastion? What was the endless ocean became the caverouns blue region that surrounds the Radiant Garden's castle town in KHII, where the Villain's Vale sits right in the middle of so it stands to reason that it could actually be the remnants of Maleficent's Hollow Bastion.

The castle seen in BBS and KHII really has very limited resemblance to the castle in KH. Even if you consider the alterations Terra-Xehanort made to the castle to support his experiements, structurally, the KH Hollow Bastion is too significantly different from the KHBBS and KHII castle to have been the same castle. Also remember that in KH in the Deep Jungle when Jane shows Sora the 6 slides, the first one is a slide of Hollow Bastion pre-alteration. If you look at the structure of this castle, it is identical to the KH Hollow Bastion minus the mechanical alterations and the Heartless emblem.

This is all completely supposition on my part, and we may just be able to chalk it up to the usual inconsistencies between source material or questions left unanswered so gamers can draw their own conclusions... but consider this: KH Hollow Bastion = KHII Villain's Vale; KH BBS Radiant Garden castle = KH II Hollow Bastion (which is not so hollow at this point anyway). Worth a thought. SUPCOM0356 (talk) 04:03, December 28, 2014 (UTC)

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Fake in every possible way...AixonOathkeeper Aixon AixonInvertedOathkeeper 21:10, December 28, 2014 (UTC)

Vague KHD I can see where you're coming from, but looking at images that I have of the castle in each game, the the general tower structure, etc...looks the same in each of the three games, except for the obvious difference in Radiant Garden, where there is no Heartless invasion. I can link to the pictures if you'd like, but I'm fairly certain that they are one and the same, and that Villain's Vale is a separate castle... Vague KHD