Kingdom Hearts II
Sword of the Ancestor
"Useful when fighting close enemies."
Strength Magic
+3 +0
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The Sword of the Ancestor is both Mulan and "Ping"'s weapon. In the original movie, this is Mulan's father's sword that she steals to take his place in the Imperial Army. In both Kingdom Hearts II and the movie, swords similar to the Sword of the Ancestor are used by other warriors, such as Yao, Ling, and Chien Po.


The Sword of the Ancestor is a jian, a type Chinese sword characterized by its straight blade. The grip of the weapon is black and patterned to resemble the scales of a dragon, while the pommel is gold and features a small ring at the tip. The cross-guard is also gold and designed to look like the head of a dragon, with the teeth of the dragon acting as the rain guard.

The Sword of the Ancestor's sheath is predominantly orange with brown ends.


Mulan's Sheathed Sword

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