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Static Arts Figures are two new lines of figures featuring characters from the Kingdom Hearts series. There are the Static Arts and the Avatar Static Arts. They are much more expensive than the Play Arts Figures and the Formation Arts Figures.

So far there are only three known figures in all of the Arts. It is unknown if these are a line to replace the Formation Arts Figures or just a higher quality set of figures.

Static ArtsEdit

  1. Sora in his Kingdom Hearts II attire standing on crystals with shooting stars and he holds the Kingdom Key.
  2. Riku in his Kingdom Hearts II attire standing on a crumbling wall with a huge angel wing behind him. The angel wing is being slowly taken over by darkness. He carries the Way to the Dawn.

Avatar Static ArtsEdit

This is a separate series and only has one so far. It was first shown as a prototype at the Tokyo Expo in France.

  1. A chibi-style Sora from Kingdom Hearts Mobile carrying the Kingdom Key.


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