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Splash Island
Katakana スプラッシュアイランド
Path Disney CastleAtlantica

Rank Medals Reward
S 30 Decal Skins
A 26 Neon Bar-G
B 22 Screw Propeller-G
C 18 Bridge-G
D 14 AP Limit Upgrade
E 10 Heal Upgrade
Enemy Screen Reward

N/A N/A Auto Counter
U.F.O. (R) Front Formation Change
Bomber (R) Right Fira-G
Bomber (R) Front Sphere Helm-G
Bomber (G) Front Screw Propeller-G
U.F.O. (R) Front Thundara-G
Shield (R) Left 10 Material-G
Bomber (R) Front Booster-G
Rank Score Reward
S 350 Moogle Model
A 300 Storm-G
B 250 Round Light-G
C 200 Antenna-G
D 150 Laser Upgrade
E 100 Thundaga-G
Enemy Screen Reward

Gatling Ship (R) Left Screw Propeller-G
Gatling Ship (G) Front Neon Orb-G
Bomber (R) Right Fira-G
Knight Head (R) Front Comet-G
Knight Head (R) Front Screw Propeller-G
Shield (R) Back Orichalcum-G
Shield (G) Front Large Rotor-G
Rank Score Reward
S 1000000 Solid Helm-G
A 900000 Storm-G
B 800000 Screw Propeller-G
C 700000 Firaga-G
D 600000 Blizzaga-G
E 500000 Meteor-G
Enemy Screen Reward

U.F.O. (R) Front Rotor-G
Gatling Ship (R) Left Fira-G
Gatling Ship (R) Front Comet-G
Bomber (G) Front Neon Bar-G
Bomber (R) Back Storm-G
Bomber (R) Front Firaga-G
Bomber (G) Front Vortex-G
Knight Head (R) Front Square Light-G
Knight Head (R) Front Screw Propeller-G
Shield (R) Front Flat Helm-G
U.F.O. (R) Front Propeller-G
Shield (G) Back Vortex-G
Shield (R) Front Large Rotor-G
Bomber (R) Front Thruster-G

Splash Island is a Gummi Mission available in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Upon completion the first time through, it unlocks Atlantica for regular gameplay.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the EX S mission requirements are:

  • Mission 1: Gummi ship must have the ability Formation Change.
  • Mission 2: Gummi ship must be a pre-made Invincible ship.
  • Mission 3: Gummi ship cannot have any weapons, but teeny ships may.




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