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KH-Sniper Wild
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji スナイパーワイルド
Romaji Sunaipā Wairudo
French Sniper Wild
German Sniper Wild
Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts

A Heartless in the form of a monkey. It's usually seen playing around aimlessly, but on some occasions it stays alarm as to look for an enemy.
When this Heartless spots Sora, it will call for allies to shoot him with slingshots.
Before Rescue After
HP 28 90
Attack 15 35
Defense 13 27
MP Recovery 20 49
EXP 0[1] 0[2]
Weapon Fire Bliz. Thndr.
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.04[3] x0.3[4] x0.5 x0.5
First to fifth Sniperwilds: (1) HP ball x 3
Sixth Sniperwild: (1) HP ball x 9, (1) Munny x 20, Potion (100%), Power Stone (35%)
Seventh to eleventh Sniperwilds: (2) MP ball x 3
Twelfth Sniperwild: (2) MP ball x 9, Tent (100%), Power Stone (50%)
Thirteenth to seventeenth Sniperwilds: (5) HP ball x 1
Eighteenth Sniperwild: (5) HP ball x 3, (1) Munny x 25, (20) Munny x 1, Hi-Potion (100%), Power Stone (60%)
Nineteenth to twenty-third Sniperwilds: (15) MP ball x 1
Twenty-fourth Sniperwild: (15) MP ball x 3, (1) Munny x 25, (20) Munny x 2, Cottage (100%), Power Stone (100%)
Twenty-fifth to twenty-ninth Sniperwilds: (1) Munny x 5
Thirtieth Sniperwild: (1) Munny x 35, (20) Munny x 3, Power Stone (100%), Power Stone (60%)
Traverse Town



The Sniperwild is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


A Sniperwild is a feminine, monkey-like Heartless with predominantly magenta fur. Its fur is covered by white stripes, the fur on its torso is brown, and the fur on its hands and feet is black. It wears brown and tan bracelets and armlets, a gold choker, two gold hoop earrings, and a violet bow. Its face is pitch-black and its eyes are glowing yellow. The Sniperwild carries a small slingshot as a weapon and its Heartless emblem is emblazoned on its chest.

The former part of the Sniperwild's name highlights its weapon, a slingshot capable of hitting enemies from a distance. Other Heartless of its family share the latter part of the name, signifying that they are of the same species. It also refers to the Heartless's wild, monkey-like appearance.


The amount of experience points it yields depends on how many have been defeated in a row, which is then factored by 10, meaning the first will yield 10 experience points, the next 20, then 30, and so on. Each defeated Sniperwild also increases the chance of one of them dropping a Power Stone. However, this is given that you are not spotted by the Sniperwild. As soon as one is spotted, it will call for backup and new Sniperwilds will spawn all over the Second District, in which case, they will no longer yield experience nor items.

The most common way to avoid being seen, is to stay out of sight and cast Stop as soon as one is close enough to lock on to the Sniperwild. One should then attack it a few times and run into hiding before the effect of Stop wears off. When one Sniperwild is defeated, two new will spawn, when they are defeated, three new will spawn, and when these are defeated, it goes back to one.

This spawning loop will stop after 6 batches (6 Sniperwilds per batch) of Sniperwilds are defeated. There is 20% chance of a Power Stone and 40 % of dropping a potion in the first batch, 30%, and 50% potion in the second, 50% and 50% potion in the third, 50% and 50% potion in the fourth, 60% and 70% potion in the fifth and 100% for both prize in the last batch.


  1. 1 Tech Point for first Sniperwild defeated, 2 Tech Points for second defeated, etc.
  2. 10 Tech Points for first Sniperwild defeated, 20 Tech Points for second defeated, etc.
  3. x0.03 after rescue
  4. x0.2 after rescue.
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