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Skuld KHX
Role Ally
Origin Kingdom Hearts χ
Home World Daybreak Town
Katakana スクルド
Romaji Sukurudo

Skuld is a Keyblade wielder first introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ. She is a member of the same Union as Ephemer, but it is unknown which Union this is.


Skuld has long black hair, pink star earrings and amber eyes. She wears a grey, zippered shirt under a black vest, and a studded belt around her black skirt. She has a red belt wrapped around arm, and two around her ankles. She wears black boots and knee-high stockings.


Kingdom Hearts χ

When Skuld introduces herself to the Player, she questions their desire to gain supremacy over the other Unions by collecting the most Lux. After she learns the Player and their Chirithy are acquainted with Ephemera, Skuld claims the mysterious Keyblade wielder appeared to her in a dream and instructed her to team up with them.

Later, Skuld and the Player discover Foreteller Aced and Foreteller Invi locked in combat. Wondering why this battle is happening, Skuld reveals that Ephemera told her in a dream the end of the World is near. Just then, several Black Costume Heartless attack and demand Lux, but they flee when a Nightmare Chirithy appears. This Chirithy asks Skuld and the Player why they hate the darkness, and at that moment, the Player's Chirithy realizes the Heartless they just encountered were once Keyblade wielders. Skuld is shocked by this revelation, and she listens as the Nightmare Chirithy reveals it is working for someone close to her and the Player before disappearing.


As a Keyblade wielder, she uses a Keyblade in combat.


  • Skuld shares her name with one of the Norns in Norse mythology, specifically the one in charge of the future.

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