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Score Attack is a mode within Kingdom Hearts Re:coded which allows the player to replay the final boss fight within the selected world. You will get rewards by archiving a high score, and the reward varies according to the difficulty level and world you are attempting to score attack. For example, a Destiny Islands score attack on Critical would yield less valuable prizes than the same difficulty on Castle Oblivion.

List of boss stage rewardsEdit

Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeFireEtherPotion
Standard ModeFire EdgeFireEther
Proud ModeHeat DashFire EdgeFire
Critical ModeSlowHeat DashFire Edge
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeThunderAerial SweepFire
Standard ModeThunder EdgeThunderAerial Sweep
Proud ModeSpark DashThunder EdgeThunder
Critical ModeThundaraSpark DashThunder Edge
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeConfuseCureBlizzard
Standard ModeSliding RushConfuseCure
Proud ModeBlizzaraSliding RushConfuse
Critical ModeRising RushBlizzaraSliding Rush
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeAir SpiralRising StrikeHi-Ether
Standard ModeBlizzard BusterAir SpiralRising Strike
Proud ModeMagnetBlizzard BusterAir Spiral
Critical ModeMagneraMagnetBlizzard Buster
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeCuraAeroConfuse
Standard ModeFire SlamCuraAero
Proud ModeTriple BurstFire SlamCura
Critical ModeThunder TracerTriple BurstFire Slam
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeTriple FiragaStrike RaidLand Crash
Standard ModeTriple PursuitTriple FiragaStrike Raid
Proud ModeExo SparkTriple PursuitTriple Firaga
Critical ModeZantetsukenExo SparkTriple Pursuit
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeStopFire SlamAir Spiral
Standard ModeAeroStopFire Slam
Proud ModeCuraAeroStop
Critical ModeStun ImpactCuraAero
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeStrike RaidCuraThunder Slam
Standard ModeMuscle StrikeStrike RaidCura
Proud ModeFiragaMuscle StrikeStrike Raid
Critical ModeCommandFiragaMuscle Strike
Difficulty A B
Beginner ModeElixirChain RaveAerora
Standard ModeBlizzagaElixirChain Rave
Proud ModeTriple FiragaBlizzagaElixir
Critical ModeGravity DropTriple FiragaBlizzaga

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