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Premium Orb

Premium Orb (プレミアムオーブ Puremiamu Ōbu?) is a material type available in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The Premium Orb is a rare, spherical gem treasured above all others, and is colored violet.


A Premium Orb is represented by a dark blue panel with a violet symbol. This symbol resembles a sphere placed on an M-shaped pedestal with two angular pieces on either side.

The name "Premium Orb" references the sphere symbol on the panel and the material's rarity and use in synthesizing high-level panels—the word "premium" means "of superior quality" or "a prize or reward".



Clear bonuses

Synthesized items

Premium Orb materials are used to synthesize the following items:

Notes and References

  1. The Dustflier drops a Premium Orb in Mission 89.
  2. The Sky Grappler drops a Premium Orb in Mission 73.

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