Premium Bonus

Premium Cards appear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as an upgrade to normal playing cards, which lowers their CP cost while making it impossible to reload them normally. A Premium Card has the same appearance as its original form, except that its number has been embossed in gold, and its surface has been made glossy.

A Premium Card can be created by picking up a Premium Bonus, which are sometimes dropped by Heartless during battle. If a Premium Bonus is picked up, a spinning roulette containing the player's deck will appear once the battle ends. The player can either accept the Premium Bonus by pressing B x, which will stop the roulette wheel and convert the card it lands on into a Premium Card, or reject it by pressing B c, which will remove the roulette wheel and return the player to the map. Premium Bonuses drop most frequently in Premium Rooms, White Rooms, and Black Rooms. Premium Cards can also be randomly purchased at the Moogle Shop, and net increased Moogle Points when sold.


Premium Cards (card)

Premium Cards.

Evolved versions of normal cards. Premium cards require very little CP (the same as the one of its kind that has the number 1 on the lower right-hand corner), but can only be used once per battle-no reloads allowed. Only attack cards and magic cards can be upgraded to premium cards. You can forfeit a Premium Bonus by pressing the B Button.


It is not always a good idea to upgrade cards to premium, due to their inability to be reloaded. However, it is often efficient to use them as the first card in a sleight, as that card will be not be reloadable either way.

However, It does increase the Moogle value by a lot, so it is a good way to get rid of low-value cards.

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