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Possessor and Thresholder
(ポセッサー, ゲートガーディアン)



Enemy Type Heartless
Role Boss
Origin Kingdom Hearts II
Home World Beast's Castle
Katakana ポセッサー, ゲートガーディアン
Romaji Possesaa, Geeto Gaadian

The Possessor, and its second form the Thresholder, are Pureblood Heartless who can be found as a boss in the Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Journal EntriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit


A Heartless that appeared in Beast's Castle. It possessed the dungeon doors, turning it into Thresholder.

It had the power to conceal itself, but had very few other powers.


The doors possessed by Possessor that attacked Sora and his friends.

Possessor was separated from the doors with Release, in which the power of the Keyblade was poured into the keyhole blocked by its arms.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit


These Pureblood Heartless are slow and generally weak, but can engulf targets and drain their life.

Jump free to escape their capture.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit

Roxas experiences a memory of Sora fighting Possessors in the Rabbit Hole section of Wonderland during Mission 47, even though Sora did not fight Possessors until Kingdom Hearts II, which shows the connection between Sora and Roxas revealing itself.

It is possible for Roxas to hit and defeat those Possessors, yet he himself is not currently fighting them. Sora instead, on the bottom screen defeats them according to Roxas's attacks.

You can also see the Thresholder in the door where you fight it in Kingdom Hearts II. His basic outline is visable.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

The Possessor possessed the Dungeon doors in the Undercroft, transforming them into the Thresholder in order to fight Sora. After being forced out of the doors, it floats about helplessly before returning to them, reanimating Thresholder. Though it summoned many Hook Bats, Gargoyle Knights, and Gargoyle Warriors to assist it, Sora, Donald, and Goofy were able to vanquish the Possessor, returning the Thresholder into a normal door as the Possessor faded into darkness.

Other Possessors animate the Gargoyle Knight and Gargoyle Warrior Heartless and appear when they are destroyed, but disappear without attacking Sora. The Dark Thorn can summon Possessors to throw at Sora, but these disappear as soon as they are thrown.


The Possessor is a simple, gaseous creature that bears some resemblance to the Darkball Heartless, sporting a similar, jagged mouth—albeit the Possessor's is red—and glowing, yellow eyes. It is seemingly made up of black and dark blue and purple shadows.

The Thresholder is made up of two ornate statues carved into a grey, hexagonal doorway. Each statue has one arm "trapped" in the door, though their claws are seemingly grasping the gold lock in the center of the door from the other side. Each statue on the Thresholder takes the form of a muscular, black-skinned demon with a thin, jagged mouth, spherical head, and beady, glowing yellow eyes, similar to a typical Heartless.

Its chest, exposed arm, and each of its short, pyramidal horns sport a jagged, yellow pattern decorating them. Each wears a green collar with four short, silver spikes on it, and their hands end in three red claws. Their backs are lined by short spikes, and their lower bodies are actually curled, interweaving tails with yellow tips. Their lower and upper bodies are divided by a thick, sky blue "belt".

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, their appearance drastically changed. The Thresholder statues have lilac bodies, while their horns, head, arms, belts and chests are dark indigo. Their claws are yellow and their collars are now violet. The door is now black and the lock is cyan.


The Possessor's name clearly refers to its ability to take control of inanimate objects. The Thresholder's name is a portmanteau of "threshold" and possible "holder"; "threshold", which has a variety of meanings, one of which is "an entrance", referring to the Thresholder's true nature as a door. The "-holder" part of its name likely refers to the six finger-like appendages sticking out of the door itself, and clutching the keyhole in the center. Its Japanese name, Gate Guardian, holds a similar meaning. "Gate" can be taken to mean "door" and “guardian" literally means "one who guards", and the Thresholder "guards" the way to the dungeon.

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