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Pooh's Hunny Hunt
Pooh's Hunny Hunt KH
Kana/Kanji プーのハチミツの木
Rōmaji Pū no Hachimitsu no Ki
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts
World(s) 100 Acre Wood
Reward(s) Naturespark

Pooh's Hunny Hunt (プーのハチミツの木 Pū no Hachimitsu no Ki?) is a mini game found in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


After Sora receives the first Torn Page, the Hunny Tree area is opened up. When you enter, you meet a frightened Piglet who tries to run away from Sora. Pooh then introduces Sora and Piglet. The mini-game in this area is Pooh's Hunny Hunt.


The point of the game is similar to the movie "Winnie the Pooh and the Hunny Tree". The objective is to guard Pooh from the bees as he flies up holding his balloon and collecting hunny. Game ends when time is out. If you fall down the tree, you can use command rush to get to Pooh.


This can be annoying for some players, but easy for others. At the start make sure that you don't have high jump equipped, high jump will will only make things worse in this mini game. Then talk to Pooh and the mini game starts. If you are good at escorting missions in other games, this should be a breeze. Be sure you get used to the game's platforming before you try this. At the start, just keep jumping from branch to branch following Pooh. If the bees come to attack Pooh, wait for the right time and whack the bees. Do this at the wrong time you may miss or worse, fall down to the ground. The bees will go after Pooh and will not attack Sora. So time your attacks carefully. As stated above, you can use the "rush" command to get to get to Pooh. If you are bad at this you can just wait on the ground waiting for the time to end after you get a few points. This mini game can be finished after just one point.


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