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The Panel System is the system in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days through which the members of Organization XIII upgrade weapons and stats, equip armor and accessories, gain abilities, and use Magic.


The panels fit into a grid, which gains more slots by obtaining Slot Releasers. The grid can only contain one weapon panel and one ring panel. Otherwise, you can place as many of every other type as you wish (provided that they fit in the grid).

Each panel may take up a different amount of slots. These panels always have link slots, where certain panels can be placed to "link" with the main panel. For instance, if you place a Doublecast ④ panel, it takes up four spaces, three of which can have panels placed in. In this case, magic would be placed in the empty spaces, allowing you to cast each of those spells two times.

Weapon panels link with unit panels, which can have a variety of effects, from unlocking the abilities of the weapon, to increasing the weapon's attack, to increasing the chance of critical hits. Magic panels give you one cast for however many number of that magic you have equipped (if you have three Fire panels equipped, then you can cast Fire three times). When you have run out of casts, you must use an Ether to replenish them. Until the end of a mission, used Magic panels will disappear, but they will be refreshed at the next, new mission.

Ability panels give you many abilities, such as Dodge Roll, Glide, and High Jump. Item panels can be equipped, but disappear when the item is used in the field. Level Up panels must be equipped in order to increase your level, and can be linked with certain panels to double, triple, or quadruple the level of the panels linked to it. Material panels aren't meant for use in the grid. By collecting material panels, you can use them at the shop to synthesize new panels.

List of PanelsEdit

Item Panels DaysItemEdit

Support Panels DaysArmorEdit

Magic Panels DaysMagicEdit

See Magic Panel and Magic for more information.

Ability Panels DaysAbilityEdit

See Kingdom Hearts 358/2 abilities for more information.

Weapon Panels DaysGear Edit

See Gear for more information.

Ring Panels DaysAccessoryEdit

See Accessory for more information.

Material PanelsEdit

See Item synthesis for more information.
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