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A Panacea (pronounced Pan-a-see-a) is an item introduced in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It cures the user of any negative status ailments that they are inflicted with. Panaceas are also known to be incredibly valuable; each one sells for 1400 munny.

Although they are valuable, they are surprisingly also very common; appearing in multiple chests, multiple completion and random rewards, and freebies. They can also be purchased from the Moogle shop for 140 Heart Points.

Panaceas are also used in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and remove all negative status effects. They are each worth 50 munny.

Panaceas are again used in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and remove all negative status effects. They are each worth 160 munny.


Kingdom Hearts Birth By SleepEdit

Kingdom Hearts Re:codedEdit


A panacea is a fictional medicine that was supposedly a cure-all that could extend one's lifespan. It, in turn, got its name from the Greek goddess of healing, Panacea.

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