Mission 88
Eliminate the giant Heartless
Day(s): 352
Halloween Town KH
Ally: None
Rank Badges Chests
Master Unity Badge 1
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x6.61 x19.83 x9.03
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
LV Quadrupler 4
Blizzaga Recipe
Blizzaga Recipe
Firaga Recipe (15%)
Megalixir Recipe (20%)
Lightning Crystal (20%)
Shining Crystal (20%)
Hi-Ether (15%)
None (10%)

Mission 88 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Halloween Town to eliminate an Orcus.

Mission goal

Regular Mission

Eliminate the giant Heartless.

Story summary

Roxas is sent again to eliminate (what he thinks) is a giant Heartless. Axel comes out of nowhere, stopping the fight between the "Orcus" and Roxas. Somehow, Xion and Roxas looked like an Orcus to each other. Axel reveals the battle was a set-up by Saïx to see who was the more powerful Keyblade wielder, and who would serve the Organization better.

Mission walkthrough

Main article: Orcus

Halloween Town is eerily quiet, with no Heartless in sight; collect the Slot Releaser and Unity Badge near the entrance then proceed towards the Graveyard. Here you will find the Orcus. This is a short and easy battle, if you are equipped properly. If you have a strong gear equipped, you are all set. You may wish to bring some Potions or Cure magic to aid you. Fire magic works well. After the cutscene, Roxas will immediately RTC.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Panels Slot Releaser Halloween Town Entrance Right of starting point
Badges Unity Badge Halloween Town Entrance Right of starting point

Video walkthrough

Mission 88 - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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