Mission 58
Eliminate the Artful Flyers
Day(s): 194
Neverland KHD
Ally: Axel
Rank Badges Chests
Agent Unity Badge
Ordeal Badge
Heart factor Munny factor EXP factor
x4.70 x14.10 x2.41
Clear Bonuses Random Bonuses
Cura Recipe
Dark Ingot
Elixir Recipe (10%)
Combo Tech (30%)
Potion (40%)
None (20%)

Mission 58 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Axel to Neverland to eliminate the trio of Artful Flyer Heartless.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Eliminate the Artful Flyers.

Story summary

Roxas and Axel arrive in the islets area of Neverland and meet Tinker Bell shortly afterward. She sprinkles them with pixie dust, allowing the duo to navigate the area and eliminate their targets.

Mission walkthrough

Walk forward from the starting point until a cutscene is triggered, after which Roxas and Axel will be able to fly. Smee and Captain Hook will also begin bombarding the duo's position with cannon fire, firing one cannon ball from his ship every 10 to 15 seconds. Similar to Roxas's earlier trip to Neverland, he and Axel must examine the dug-up treasure chests to locate the Artful Flyers. Only three of the seven chests contain Artful Flyers; all of the others hold a pair a Bubble Beats. Several Turquoise Marches will be hovering around too. After defeating the enemies, Roxas and Axel can check the chests again to find items. Upon defeating the third Artful Flyer, the two Nobodies can RTC.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 58
Earn lots of heart points
Take 30% more damage
Deal 30% less damage
3 550 hearts points
2 500 heart points
1 450 heart points




Type Items found Locations Notes
Badges Unity Badge Behind an oval islet West of the starting point.
Ordeal Badge Triangular islet Southeast of the starting point
Buried Treasure
Location Enemies Item found
Oval islet, west of the starting point Artful Flyer Potion
Circular islet southwest of the starting point Bubble Beat x2 Frost Gem
Circular islet south of the starting point Bubble Beat x2 Shining Gem
The main islet, just south of the starting point Bubble Beat x2 Bronze
The main islet, just southeast of the starting point Artful Flyer Potion
Circular islet east of the starting point Bubble Beat x2 Iron
Heart-shaped islet southeast of the starting point Artful Flyer Panacea


Walkthrough Part One
Walkthrough Part Two

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