Memory Pods are machine-like devices used by Naminé to aid her in her memory manipulation. They first appear at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories when Sora is brought to one by Naminé so she can set to work on restoring his memory to to its previous state before the events of Castle Oblivion. Many are seen in DiZ's laboratory in Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts II.


Memory Pod KHII

Naminé encases Sora in his Memory Pod in the opening cinematic of Kingdom Hearts II.

The Memory Pods are egg-shaped pods made of crystal-like glass tinted white with white flower petal-like structures on the bottom. In the opening scene for Kingdom Hearts II, Naminé drew a sketch of Sora inside of a Memory Pod, and glass sprouted out of the the ground beneath him and formed into a Memory Pod. They seem to come in different sizes, as Donald and Goofy where placed in small pods after Castle Oblivion, while Sora was placed in a much larger pod, needing its own room to hold it.

The tinted glass is usually clear when not in use. The pods open by a piece of the glass in the shape of a flower petal folding down. The interior of the pods is completely black and gives the illusion of a large, shadowy room. It is also important to note that in the room where Donald and Goofy's pods are, there are more pods, and when one examines one of them, it says that there is evidence that it has been used before, but it is unknown who may have slept in it and why.

Use and AbilitiesEdit

The pods' exact abilities are unknown. When Sora stepped inside, his memories started to come back to him due to Naminé's magic. It has the ability to put the user in them to sleep. It is also unknown exactly what the pods are or who made or makes them. The Secret Ansem Reports hint that they are machines made by Organization XIII to help Naminé further with her powers.

The fact that Ansem the Wise's laboratory has so many of them, implies that, he may have made them of a similar purpose. Some of the pods in the mansion were actually taken from Castle Oblivion because he needed a place to keep Sora safe until he had his memories back. Furthermore, the fact that Naminé is able to summon them suggests that they are an extension of her memory-based powers, though the only time she did so was in the FMV opening of Kingdom Hearts II.

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