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Matrix Power are prizes that contain Data Sora's stolen power, which are hidden within Prize Blox and Prize Bugs throughout the worlds inside Data Riku. Matrix Power orbs are blue orbs, with the small orbs supplying 1% matrix power and the large orbs, 3%.

Data-Sora's matrix power go towards his Stat Matrix—for every percent of matrix power he regains, the Stat Matrix regains 1% of power. So, for example, at 0% matrix power, the Stat Matrix provides no stat bonuses, and Data-Sora is left at level 1. At 100% matrix power, however, the Stat Matrix is fully powered and provides all the bonuses it would normally.

Data-Sora can only recover a set amount of matrix power in each world within Data-Riku; 20% at Destiny Islands, 40% at Traverse Town, 60% at Wonderland, and 80% at Agrabah. However, he does not need to recover the Matrix Power to clear the world; once he defeats the fake Data-Riku within the Chapel, his matrix power is restored to 100%, regardless of how much he recovered beforehand.

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