The Master of Masters
The Master of Masters KHX
Role Unknown
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts χ
Origin Kingdom Hearts χ
Home World Daybreak Town
Katakana マスター・オブ・マスター
Romaji Masutā obu Masutā
French Maître des Maîtres
German The Master of Masters
Spanish Maestro de Maestros
Italian Maestro dei Maestri
English Voice
Ray Chase
Japanese Voice
Tomokazu Sugita[citation needed]

The Master of Masters[1] is a Keyblade Master that appears Kingdom Hearts χ. He is responsible for training the five Foretellers and gifting them with the Book of Prophecies.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ

According to the player's Chirithy, the five Foretellers and one other Keyblade wielder were the apprentices of his creator, the "Master of Masters." Shortly before he disappeared, the Master of Masters assigned his disciples new names and gifted five of them with a tome from the Book of Prophecies, which taught them of the event that would doom the world.[2]

Kingdom Hearts χ

After helping Chirithy fend off the Minute Bombs in Daybreak Town, the Player goes to sleep. They have a dream in which the five Foretellers converse with their master before the Player has a chance to approach the Foretellers and their mysterious visitor, they are engulfed in darkness and wake up. [3]

Later, when the Player has another dream of Ephemer entering the clock tower through the sewers, the Master of Masters can be seen watching him from the shadows.[4]


The Master of Masters appears as a person completely concealed in a black coat. Nothing else is known about the Master's appearance beneath the hood, although according to Chirithy he has an eye that gazes into the future.


Main article: Master Xehanort's Keyblade

The Master wields a Keyblade that has a dark black handle with a raised spiral carved around it. Its pommel and guard resemble black, demonic wings. The base of the blade is an etching of a horned lion, and the shaft is formed from two black, barbed blades, etched with a white icon resembling a bramble of thorns. The teeth are formed in the shape of a demonic wing, and are set with an eye of darkness. The Keychain is made of small, grey links, and the token is an entangled, grey talisman with an eye of darkness. Unlike the Keyblades of the apprentices, it lacks Terra's Mark.


  1. Famitsu: Tetsyua Nomura talks about "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" (E3 2016)

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