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DL Maleficent

Maleficent (マレフィセント Marefisento?) is a Dimension Link for Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. He obtains it after he meets Maleficent in the Enchanted Dominion.


The Maleficent D-Link enables Terra to use multiple Fire-based Deck Commands, along with ones that deal enemies negative status affects.


Level 0Edit

DL MaleficentAvatar1
Command Deck

Level 1Edit

DL MaleficentAvatar1
Command Deck
  • Fire, Fira, Ignite, Binding Strike, Blackout, Sleep
  • Thunderchaser

Level 2Edit

DL MaleficentAvatar2
Command Deck

Exclusive CommandsEdit


Thunderchaser (スナイプサンダー Sunaipu Sandā?, lit. "Snipe Thunder") - When the finisher starts, the player's chest is surrounded in a dark aura and the player holds their Keyblade up creating a cloud of darkness.

When the B c button is pressed, a bright purple lightning bolt will strike down onto the ground where a marker is to indicate where the lightning will hit and use the directional key to move the thunder cloud over an enemies head and strike them. The cloud can be moved to change the aim of the lightning with the directional stick. The finisher lasts for seven seconds and allows up to seven lightning strikes.


Dragonfire (ドラゴンブレス Doragon Buresu?, lit. "Dragon Breath") - When the finisher starts, the player is engulfed in bright green flames and then jumps up, and points the Keyblade to the ground diagonally.

When the B c button is pressed, bright dark green wave of fire spews from the Keyblade unto the ground in front of the player. The spot of where the fire will hit is marked with a blue circular mark on the ground, and the player can change aim by rotating the directional stick. The player will be able to spew flames for seven seconds and then the player lands on the ground.

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