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This is a List of Puppies that appear in various worlds in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It is not a requirement to find all of the puppies in Kingdom Hearts, but doing so yields various rewards, which includes unlocking the secret ending, an Aero upgrade, and a full Gummi Block collection.

List of Puppies

Puppies Location Tip
1, 2, 3 Mystical House, on the island across from Merlin's house. Glide can be used to fly over to the rock, though Mermaid Kick can also be used to "jump" onto it.
4, 5, 6 Alleyway, behind a wall of crates. Use Trinity Charge to break through.
7, 8, 9 Item Workshop. Use Trinity Ladder to get in.
10, 11, 12 Secret Waterway. Use Trinity Charge to break through the sewer gate.
13, 14, 15 Queen's Castle, on a hedge. Only reachable by going through a hidden exit from Lotus Forest, or with High Jump
16, 17, 18 Lotus Forest, on one of the raised lilypads. Use Trinity Charge to break through.
19, 20, 21 Tea Party Garden, on the roof. High Jump and Glide are required or find special door from Lotus Forest.
22, 23, 24 Under the right hand statue at the Coliseum Gates Use Trinity Jump
25, 26, 27 On the last islet in the marsh in Hippos' Lagoon. Glide recommended but not needed.
28, 29, 30 In the Vines 2 area Climb the ivy in the marsh.
31, 32, 33 Climbing Trees area. Blue Trinity mark
34, 35, 36 Camp Area. Blue Trinity mark
37, 38, 39 In Aladdin's House. No special tips
40, 41, 42 Near the entrance of Oogie's Manor to the left of the bridge after Moonlight Hill. No special tips
43, 44, 45 In a corner of the Clock Tower. No special tips
46, 47, 48 Palace Gates High Jump is required.

49, 50, 51

Secret Room under the Cave of Wonders. There is a nearby ledge with a monkey statue that you can reach with High Jump and Glide. You must activate the statue to open the door, where inside there will be two chests, one containing the Dalmatians.
52, 53, 54 Treasure Room in the Cave of Wonders. No special tips
55, 56, 57 In Chamber 3 No special tips
58, 59, 60 Queen's Castle, on the right hand hedge. High Jump is required.
61, 62, 63 In the Grand Hall on a left ledge near the Keyhole Not avaiable until Sora's second visit to Hollow Bastion
64, 65, 66 Moonlight Hill's Secret Doorway. Go in the newly accessible door to find the chest (you may have to leave the world and return in order for the door to open).
67, 68, 69 In Jack's House Check under the staircase
70, 71, 72 Guillotine Square Use Glide to reach the mouth of a grey pumpkin-like tower
73, 74, 75 In Mouth, on top of debris Requires High Jump to reach.
76, 77, 78 In Chamber 3, on a platform It can be reached by jumping in a barrel.
79, 80, 81 In Chamber 5, on a barrel on one of the higher platforms in the area. No special tips
82, 83, 84 On a beam in the Ship's Hold Can only be reached flying
85, 86, 87 Trinity Push in the Ship's Hold No special tips
88, 89, 90 Chest in the Captain's Cabin Only after AntiSora's battle
91, 92, 93 At the bottom of Rising Falls Can only be reached by the bubble transport
94, 95, 96 Lift Stop, the doorway to the left. Climb the stairs and to the far right, activate the red crystal. Take the newly moving platform to an area where there will be a chest floating on a small platform. Only after finding all of the Emblem Pieces, and you can cast Gravity to lower the floating platform.
97, 98, 99 The second giant block in the High Tower. Cast Gravity to lower the floating platform near the red crystal switch that lowers the giant block
Puppies Location Tip
31, 32, 33 Chest in the Waterfall Cavern in Deep Jungle No special tips

37, 38, 39

Chest in Treasure Room in the Cave of Wonders No special tips

43, 44, 45

Chest at the Deck of Captain Hook's ship Activate the White Trinity Mark

46, 47, 48

Chest in the Hidden Room in the Cave of Wonders Jump to the Hidden Room from the Silent Chamber, then touch the statue to reveal the chest

49, 50, 51

Cave of Wonders entrance High Jump and Glide required.
52, 53, 54 Chest in the Palace Gates High Jump and Glide required
58, 59, 60 Chest in Lotus Forest Use the entrance to the Bizarre Room located above the entrance to the Tea Party Garden. In there, the player will find a picture frame you must activate by lighting one of the torches, that will take you back to the Lotus Forest. Cast Thunder on the string of flowers to receive the chest.
67, 68, 69 Chest at Moonlight Hill Activate the White Trinity Mark
76, 77, 78 Chest in Chamber 6 No special tips
97, 98, 99 Chest found in the room you unlock by completing the Library Puzzle

The chest is floating and must be brought down by casting Gravity.

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