Lion Form CG
"I bet if Kairi saw you like this, she'd think you were cute."
Donald, about Sora in Lion Form.

In the Pride Lands, Sora's clothes magically change him into a brown lion cub in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Sora cannot Drive in this form or perform Summons, although he is able to move with increased agility.

This form is called Lion Form, and was to be included in Kingdom Hearts, but was not, due to the team not having the software needed to animate quadrupeds properly.

Journal EntryEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

A boy who fights with Keyblade in hand, opening the way before him as he searches for Riku and a way home.

Sora has taken a feline form in this world, but he seems to have two left feet...four left paws? Whatever.


In his Lion Form, Sora takes the form of a lion cub. His fur is predominantly an ashy shade of brown, though his toes, belly, and the fur around his mouth are a very light grey. His mane is shaped like his normal hairstyle, and is the same light brown color. There is a tuft of light brown fur on the tip of his tail, and he has three whiskers on either side of his nose.

His eyes are bright blue and his sclera are yellow. His silver crown necklace still hangs from his neck in this form, and he holds his Keyblade in his mouth, though when he locks the world's Keyhole he holds the Keyblade with his tail. It should be noted that this form shares similarities to Kovu from The Lion King II.


In Lion Form, the gameplay is a bit different, though it is mostly minor. Sora now holds the Keyblade in his mouth facing his right. Just as in his Merman Form, Sora cannot use any Drive Forms while in this form.


Lion Sora's abilities are different than those in other forms. The Dash ability works very much like the Mermaid Kick ability; the speed gained is pretty much equal to Merman Sora's version. Certain Support Abilities stay, though, such as Scan.

Ability Description
Combo Upper Knocks a target into the air during a combo with B s.
Aerial Impulse Tackles and attacks a target in midair during a combo with B s.
Finishing Blast Deals damage to nearby enemies at the end of a combo with B s.
Retaliating Smash When knocked down, quickly regains balance and counterattacks with B s.
Running Tackle Unleashes a rapid tackle on a single target while attacking during Dash.
Dash Moves rapidly while pressing down B s.
Combo Plus Increases maximum combo by 1 when on the ground. Equip more to enable more combos.
Air Combo Plus Increases maximum combo by 1 when in midair. Equip more to enable more combos.


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