This page is a collection of userboxes, small colored boxes designed to appear on a Kingdom Hearts Wiki user page as a communicative notice about the user or to show things they like. You are free to make your own and add them here. If you cannot, then you can leave a request on the talk page. This section focuses on the many, many characters featured in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you are looking for non-character userboxes or a guide to making them, we suggest you try Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Userboxes.

Original CharactersEdit

Kh-sora This user doesn't need a weapon, because his friends are his power!
Code: {{user Sora}}   (edit, links)
Kairi2 Don't ever forget. Wherever you go, this user will always be with you.
Code: {{user Kairi}}   (edit, links)
Riku2 This user took the route to the dawn.
Code: {{user Riku}}   (edit, links)
User Roxas2 This user's summer vacation is... over.
Code: {{user Roxas}}   (edit, links)
Namine1 This user doesn't exist in anyone's heart, and has never existed anywhere.
Code: {{user Naminé}}   (edit, links)
User Ventus This user's friends are his power, and he/she is theirs!
Code: {{user Ventus}}   (edit, links)
User Terra What this user does, he/she does for friendship.
Code: {{user Terra}}   (edit, links)
User Aqua This user's name is Master <name>! Return my friends' hearts or pay the price.
Code: {{user Aqua|name}}   (edit, links)
User DiZ This user is a servant of the world... You should consider yourself a tool, at best.
Code: {{user DiZ}}   (edit, links)
User XHeartless SUBMIT! Bow to the darkness, and bow to this user!
Code: {{user Xehanort Heartless}}   (edit, links)
User Hayner You still worry about stuff like that? This user learned to let stuff like that go.
Code: {{user Hayner}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Pence}}   (edit, links)
User Olette Come on! This user can go one day without ice cream!
Code: {{user Olette}}   (edit, links)
User Riku Replica As long as you're around, this user'll never be anything better than a shadow!
Code: {{user Repliku}}   (edit, links)
User MX This user's evil is obvious, but he/she maintains an aura of denial around him/her.
Code: {{user MX}}   (edit, links)
User Vanitas This user used to be too broken to talk back.
Code: {{user Vanitas}}   (edit, links)
User Eraqus Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the Darkness.
Code: {{user Eraqus}}   (edit, links)
User lingering This user sees... What this user sensed in you was far more than just strength.
Code: {{user Lingering}}   (edit, links)
Terra-Xehanort This user's body submitted, his/her heart succumbed, but his/her mind resists.
Code: {{user Terra-Xehanort}}   (edit, links)

Disney CameosEdit

Party MembersEdit

User donald Aw, what do you know, ya big palooka?
Code: {{user Donald}}   (edit, links)
User goofy Gawrsh! No need to fret! You can put yer trust in this user!
Code: {{user Goofy}}   (edit, links)
User Jiminy This user is the writer of Jiminy's Journal.
Code: {{user Jiminy}}   (edit, links)
Tarzan Userbox This user, same heart. Lose heart, no see friends.
Code: {{user Tarzan}}   (edit, links)
Userbox Aladdin This user will wish for the freedom of his friends.
Code: {{user Aladdin}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Peter Pan}}   (edit, links)
Userbox Beast This user is free to wander the castle, but the West Wing is forbidden.
Code: {{user Beast}}   (edit, links)
Userbox Ariel So many places this user wants to visit, he/she knows that day will come when he/she does.
Code: {{user Ariel}}   (edit, links)
User Jack This user is the king of nightmares! The master of terror!
Code: {{user Jack}}   (edit, links)
User Sparrow A pirate's life is the life for this user. Savvy?
Code: {{user Sparrow}}   (edit, links)
Simba 2 This user is going back face his/her past.
Code: {{user Simba}}   (edit, links)
User Mulan This user will show them what he/she is made of.
Code: {{user Mulan}}   (edit, links)
User Tron This user was taught what friendship truly means.
Code: {{User Tron}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Stitch}}   (edit, links)


Code: {{user Minnie}}   (edit, links)
User Daisy This user is a fan of Daisy.
Code: {{user Daisy}}   (edit, links)
User Wonderboy This user is a fan of Wonderboy.
Code: {{user Hercules}}   (edit, links)
User Phil This user is a fan of Phil. Heroes only, now!
Code: {{user Phil}}   (edit, links)
User Meg This user is a fan of Megara.
Code: {{user Meg}}   (edit, links)
User Nala This user is a fan of Nala.
Code: {{user Nala}}   (edit, links)
User Pooh This user is a fan of Pooh.
Code: {{user Pooh}}   (edit, links)
User Tigger This user is a fan of Tigger.
Code: {{user Tigger}}   (edit, links)
User Kanga This user is a fan of Kanga.
Code: {{user Kanga}}   (edit, links)
User Piglet Oh d-d-dear! This user is a fan of Piglet.
Code: {{user Piglet}}   (edit, links)
Jaq User This user is a fan of Jaq, Zugk-Zugk!

Code: {{user Jaq}}   (edit, links)
Prince Charming User This user is a fan of the handsome Prince Charming.

Code: {{user Prince Charming}}   (edit, links)
User Lumiere It is this user who is a fan of the friendly ol' chandelier.
Code: {{user Lumiere}}   (edit, links)
User Cheshire Become a fan of me, just avoid getting confused

Code: {{user Chesh}}   (edit, links)


Tinker Bell Userbox This user is a fan of Tinker Bell.
Code: {{user Tink}}   (edit, links)
Mushu (Art) This user is a fan of Mushu, the bona fide guardian dragon!
Code: {{user Mushu}}   (edit, links)
User Genie This user is a fan of the big blue lump!
Code: {{user Genie}}   (edit, links)
User Bambi This user is a fan of Bambi.
Code: {{user Bambi}}   (edit, links)
User Chicken Little This user is a fan of Chicken Little.
Code: {{user Chicken Little}}   (edit, links)

Princesses of HeartEdit

User Alice This user is a fan of Alice.
Code: {{user Alice}}   (edit, links)
User SnowWhite This user is a fan of Snow White.
Code: {{user Snow White}}   (edit, links)
AuroraUserImage This user is a fan of Aurora.
Code: {{user Aurora}}   (edit, links)
User Belle Oh là là ! This user is a fan of Belle.
Code: {{user Belle}}   (edit, links)
User Jasmine This user is a fan of Jasmine.
Code: {{user Jasmine}}   (edit, links)
User Cinderella This user is a fan of Cinderella.
Code: {{user Cinderella}}   (edit, links)


UserExp221 Meega Nala Kweesta! This user is a fan of Experiment 221.
Code: {{user Experiment 221}}   (edit, links)
Gantu User This user is a fan of The Big Dummy.
Code: {{user Gantu}}   (edit, links)
User Lucifer Meeeooowww! This user is a fan of the most devious of felines, Lucifer!
Code: {{user Lucifer}}   (edit, links)
Lady Tremaine This user has a wicked stepmother indeed.
Code: {{user Lady Tremaine}}   (edit, links)
Jafar User This streetrat is a fan of Jafar.

Code: {{user Jafar}}   (edit, links)
UserOogie This user is a fan of The Oogie Boogie Man!
Code: {{user Oogie}}   (edit, links)
PeteTR This user wants to know what's that for.

Code: {{user PeteTR}}   (edit, links)
250px-Pete This user is a fan of The Mighty Pete.

Code: {{user Pete}}   (edit, links)
User Hades Badda Bing. Badda Boom. This user is a fan of Hades, Lord of the Dead.

Code: {{user Hades}}   (edit, links)
Shan-Yu User This user is a fan of The Leader of the Hun Army.
Code: {{user Shan Yu}}   (edit, links)
Ursula User This Poor Unfortunate Soul is a fan of the dreaded Ursula.
Code: {{user Ursula}}   (edit, links)
USERMCP Userboxes/Characters wants to eliminate those foolish users...
Code: {{User MCP}}   (edit, links)
User Queen Magic Mirror on the wall, the user is a fan of the Fairest one of All!
Code: {{user Queen}}   (edit, links)
User Barbossa This user is a fan of the scurvy schemer Captain Barbossa.
Code: {{user Barbossa}}   (edit, links)
Scar Userbox This user is a fan of this lying lion, Scar.
Code: {{user Scar}}   (edit, links)
User Maleficent This poor simple fool is a fan of the Mistress of All Evil.
Code: {{User MalefChar}}   (edit, links)
User Hook Ahoy matees! This user is a fan of Captain Hook.

Code: {{user Hook}}   (edit, links)
User Chernabog This user wants to spend A Night on Bald Mountain.

Code: {{User Chernabog}}   (edit, links)
User Queen of Hearts This user gets to keep their head...

Code: {{User QueenHearts}}   (edit, links)
User Cerberus This user wants a pet Three-Headed Dog.

Code: {{User Cerberus}}   (edit, links)

Code: {{User LSB}}   (edit, links)
User Frollo This fan of Judge Claude Frollo had a little... trouble with the fireplace.

Code: {{User Frollo}}   (edit, links)
User Clayton *&&X%! Not Clayton! This user is a fan of the hunter who lost his heart to the Darkness.

Code: {{User Clayton}}   (edit, links) This user is a fan of the Brain-Stealing Julius.
Code: {{User Julius}}   (edit, links)

Final Fantasy CameosEdit

Aerithuserbox_zpsc6cfa55e.jpg This user is a fan of Aerith
Code: {{user Aerith}}   (edit, links) This user is a fan of the great ninja Yuffie
Code: {{user Yuffie}}   (edit, links) This user is a fan of Squall, er, Leon. Whatever.
Code: {{user Leon}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Wakka}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Cid}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Rai}}   (edit, links) Kneel loser! This user is a fan of Seifer.
Code: {{user Seifer}}   (edit, links) This user loves to ruffle the Moogles' pompoms!
Code: {{user Moogle}}   (edit, links)
Moogle KHD This user is a fan of the Organization XIII Moogle, kupo!
Code: {{user moogle XIII}}   (edit, links)

Organization XIIIEdit

Series 1Edit

User xemnas This user is a master of Nothingness.
Code: {{user Xemnas}}   (edit, links)
User xigbar This user is a master of Space.
Code: {{user Xigbar}}   (edit, links)
User xaldin This user is a master of Wind.
Code: {{user Xaldin}}   (edit, links)
User vexen This user is a master of Ice.
Code: {{user Vexen}}   (edit, links)
User lexaeus This user is a master of Earth.
Code: {{user Lexaeus}}   (edit, links)
User zexion This user is a master of Illusion.
Code: {{user Zexion}}   (edit, links)
User saix This user is a master of Moon. Now move aside!
Code: {{user Saix}}   (edit, links)
User axel This user is a master of Flame. Commit it to memory.
Code: {{user Axel}}   (edit, links)
User demyx This user is a master of Water.
Code: {{user Demyx}}   (edit, links)
User luxord This user is a master of Time.
Code: {{user Luxord}}   (edit, links)
User marluxia This user is a master of Flowers.
Code: {{user Marluxia}}   (edit, links)
User Larxene This user is a mistress of Lightning.
Code: {{user Larxene}}   (edit, links)
User roxas This user is a master of Light.
Code: {{user Roxas XIII}}   (edit, links)
User xion This user is a mistress of Light... Or is she?
Code: {{user Xion}}   (edit, links)

Series 2Edit

User Xemnas 2 This user wonders if you can spare a heart.
Code: {{user Xemnas Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Xigbar 2 This user wonders if you've been a good boy.
Code: {{user Xigbar Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Xaldin 2 This user prefers to travel light.
Code: {{user Xaldin Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Vexen 2 This user is a scientist... yes!
Code: {{user Vexen Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Lexaeus 2 This user will not yield to the frail heart of an infantile coward!
Code: {{user Lexaeus Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Zexion 2 This user will show you that your hopes are nothing... nothing but a mere illusion!
Code: {{user Zexion Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Saix 2 This user can feel the moon's power!
Code: {{user Saix Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Axel 2 This user wants to let the flames burn you! Got it memorized?
Code: {{user Axel Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Demyx 2 This user thinks they picked the wrong guy for this one...
Code: {{user Demyx Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Luxord 2 This user wonders if you know the rules.
Code: {{user Luxord Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Marluxia 2 This user wants to know if you want to scream.
Code: {{user Marluxia Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Larxene 2 This user should tell you that she's in an EXTREMELY foul mood!
Code: {{user Larxene Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Roxas 2 This user is himself and NOBODY else!
Code: {{user Roxas Quote}}   (edit, links)
User Xion 2 Who is this user? What is she here for?
Code: {{user Xion Quote}}   (edit, links)

Original SelvesEdit This user would like permission to continue their experiments.
Code: {{user Xehanort}}   (edit, links)
UserBraig This user doesn't think that a runt like him can wield the Keyblade!
Code: {{user Braig}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user Even}}   (edit, links)
UserLea This user wishes to live on forever. Get it memorized!
Code: {{user Lea}}   (edit, links)
Ienzo BBS 'This user is a fan of Ienzo.
Code: {{user Ienzo}}   (edit, links)


The HeartlessEdit

User Shadowheartless This user thinks the Shadow Heartless is a cute lil' fella!
Code: {{user Shadow}}   (edit, links)
Bouncywild user This user thinks the Bouncywild is love.
Code: {{user Bouncywild}}   (edit, links)
UserTango This user wants to dance the Tango.
Code: {{user Flame}}   (edit, links)
Blue Rhapsody KH Ice, ice, baby! This user is a fan of the Blue Rhapsody.
Code: {{user Ice}}   (edit, links)
Yellow Opera KH This user has a rather shocking personality.
Code: {{user Thunder}}   (edit, links)
Black Ballade render This user loves to sing in beautiful ballade.
Code: {{user Nothingness}}   (edit, links)
User Neoshadow This user is in love with the Neoshadow.
Code: {{user Neoshadow}}   (edit, links)
Trickmaster KH This user is a fan of the master of tricks.
Code: {{user Trickmaster}}   (edit, links)
Code: {{user HotD}}   (edit, links)

The NobodiesEdit

Userdancer Everybody dance! This user thinks Dancers are love.
Code: {{user Dancer}}   (edit, links)
User Assassin This user is a paid Assassin.
Code: {{user Assassin}}   (edit, links)
User Dusk The user you see before you is known as a Dusk.
Code: {{user Dusk}}   (edit, links)
User Twilight Thorn This user will be a thorn in your side for all eternity!
Code: {{user Twilight Thorn}}   (edit, links)
UserGambler This user is a Gambler. Raise or Fold?
Code: {{user Gambler}}   (edit, links)
UserSniper This user is a Sniper and has got you in his or her sights.
Code: {{user Sniper}}   (edit, links)
UserSorcerer This user is an unstoppable Sorcerer. Dare you try to break his or her poise?
Code: {{user Sorcerer}}   (edit, links)
UserBerserker This user is a mighty Berserker and warns you to move aside!
Code: {{user Berserker}}   (edit, links)
UserDragoon This user is a powerful Dragoon. You would do well to learn from him or her.
Code: {{user Dragoon}}   (edit, links)
UserSamurai This user is a noble Samurai, now draw your weapon.
Code: {{user Samurai}}   (edit, links)
UserCreeper This user is a stealthy Creeper; can you predict his or her next move?
Code: {{user Creeper}}   (edit, links)

Dream EatersEdit