The following is a list of editors who have proved themselves worthy of earning positions of prestige in the database. Such positions are awarded to those who continually show that they are willing to create and write in-depth articles, cover a scope of a project, and/or revert vandalism.

Staff cannot be added, removed, or re-added without the permission of a currently active staff member.


Administrators are able to block vandals, delete files, lock pages, rollback vandalism and move images. There are two types of Administrators: Sysops, able to do all of the tasks listed, and Bureaucrats, able to perform all tasks listed as well as change the rights of a user. Administrators with a gold asterisk next to their name are also Bureaucrats.

Staff Avatar Aixon

Watchful overseer of the mainspace, Aixon is a careful editor who takes great pleasure in the tasks that he commits himself to, ensuring he completes each one with finesse.

Aixon is enthusiastic, and is easily contactable via his talk page or the IRC. He is always approachable, and very much enjoys conversing with and helping new and old editors alike, regardless of the task... although image work is not one of his strong points.

Aixon (which can be shortened to Aix) also runs the Featured Article and Featured Media pages, as well as Jiminy's Journal. Though he's a busy person, Aixon spends his spare time learning Korean and role-playing online.

Staff Avatar Draaek

Nicknamed "The Dragon of the Keyhole", Draaek is the Keyhole's resident dragon, recent changes patroller, and enthusiastic artist.

While on duty, Draaek roams the wiki welcoming new users, voicing her opinions at the Tea Parties and burning .jpg's to ashes for the End of JPG's Project. She is also happy helping other editors with their projects, or chatting on her talk page.

When enjoying free time, Draaek often turns to gaming, with drawing and watching animated shows and movies included in her pastime mix on a regular basis.

StaffAvatar FinalRest

A friendly user that drifts from wiki job to wiki job, with no clear specialty. FinalRest (more commonly known as FR) watches over various parts of the wiki, such as the World Terminus.

FR tries her hardest to help anyone who asks for her assistance, even though she has a habit of disappearing for extending periods of time. She promises that even though she may take a while, she will reply to any and all messages eventually!

FinalRest can also be found at her Anime and Manga Reviews page, or sneaking away to the Keyhole tumblr.


Moderators are users who have been granted additional rights by bureaucrats. Though they are equal to other users in terms of editorial responsibilities, they are especially trusted to keep articles and files in good maintenance and safe from vandalism and bad-faith edits. Moderators are able to rollback consecutive edits to a previously better revision, move articles without being suppressed by spam restrictions, move files to new names, as well as suppress redirects from being created after pagemoves.

Retired and Inactive Staff

Please visit this page to see all of the retired staff who worked hard to make the wiki what it is today.