Welcome to a tutorial on how to convert images from .jpg to .png. On this page I'll take you through a step by step process of how to aid the Keyhole in its mission to end the reign of .jpg images!

Let's begin by first congratulating you on your decision to help out around the Keyhole. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! If you are unaware of this project's origins, then let me give you a little history lesson.

The decision to remove .jpgs was first suggested on the World Terminus page. As you can read in that discussion, it was soon decided that only a select group of editors would be continuing this project, as they would be able to achieve the best results. They set to work creating a page to list all the images that needed to be replaced and started hacking away at the list as best they could. However, after a while the project activity reduced drastically, owing primarily to the inactivity of the users working on it. So, it was decided that users outside of the original line up could begin working on it, switching the images that require no background removal.

And here we are! The process of removing a .jpg can be a difficult and sometimes confusing process when you first begin, so the purpose of this tutorial is to encourage users like yourself to give the project a go, instead of being frightened away by the daunting work. Hopefully you'll eventually be able to memorise the necessary steps yourself and will be able to achieve great results! Let's get started, shall we?

  1. The image conversion project also involves the sub-jobs of renaming badly named images to appropriate titles, ensuring all images are categorised properly, and removing the backgrounds of .png images. This tutorial will not be explaining these jobs, and will instead focus on converting a .jpg image to a .png image.

Step 1: Choosing an imageEdit

Kind of an obvious thing to begin with, right? Well, images that require elimination can be found all over the wiki. An easy way to find an unwanted image is to search for .jpg in the wiki search bar. To ensure you get the desired results, make sure the search is completed in the File category.

Another way to find a .jpg is to search through the Image category. This is also a good way to give yourself a goal for working on this project. For instance, you could focus on fixing all of the images in the Kingdom Hearts II Accessory Images category, or start working on the Re:coded Cutscene Images. Browsing through the image categories is also a good way to scope out any .jpgs that have fallen through the cracks.

The final way to find .jpgs is by searching through the character galleries. A list of galleries can be found here. Like with the image categories, searching galleries is also a good way to set project goals for yourself.

Once you've chosen your image hunting ritual of choice, how do you decide which images to convert? Well, there are a few things to consider when selecting an image to convert.

Is the image not in .png format?

The first and most obvious question. The desired outcome of this project is to have all stationary images in the .png format, so all non .png images must be converted. The most common type of converted file is .jpg, so it is easiest to search for .jpg images first. Any and all .jpg images are available for conversion.

Is the image of any use to the wiki?

Unfortunately we have our fair share of worthless images floating around the Keyhole and it would be a waste of your time to convert them. To see if an image is worth converting, when you find an image you like, scroll down to the Appears on these pages section of the page.

Appears On These Pages

If there are pages listed in the Appears on these pages section, as illustrated in the image above, it is eligible for conversion. However, if there is no Appears on these pages then the image is not needed.

The unneeded file should be slapped with {{delete}} immediately. Alternatively, if you think an image is required, then feel free to insert it onto an appropriate page and continue to convert it.

Does it require background removal?

Images that feature unneeded white backgrounds need to be stripped of the excess when being converted. The images are primarily character or object images, such as this image of Xehanort's Guardian. When this image was a .jpg it had the automatic white background that comes with all .jpg images, so the background had to be removed before it was uploaded as a .png.

Removing backgrounds requires quite a bit of precision, which is why most editors were forbidden to take on the job when it was first set up. If you believe that you can remove backgrounds effectively, please upload an example of removal to an external image hosting site and provide links to the .jpg image and the background removed .png on FinalRest's talk page. She will assess your work and allow you to work on background removal images, or ask you to work on other images if your work is not of a desirable quality.

The other type of images are those which take up all the space of the image and require no background removal. These include images like screenshots, like this image from a Birth by Sleep cutscene. These images can be replaced by any user willing to do so, and are a great starting point for those looking to help with this project.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be converting the Battle of the 1000 Heartless.jpg image. I will provide a step by step account of the steps I take, to illustrate how your image converting should be done.

Step 2: Converting to .pngEdit

The first thing you should do is save the image to your computer. When do this, you must ALWAYS use the full resolution of the image and not the image that appears on the main file page. Underneath each image is a line that includes a file name and bit of info about the file. To view the image in its full resolution, you must click on the link provided by the file name in the line and save the full resolution image. In the image below I have underlined in red the link to the full resolution for my file.

Full Resolution Oasis

The next step relies on your own ability. Using the image editing software you have available, convert the .jpg image to .png and save it on your computer. Unfortunately I am unable to assist you with this step, as software differs from person to person. A quick internet search should be able to help you if you run into problems.

Before you convert an image, make sure that no cropping is required for your image. Cropping an image is only permitted when unneeded borders are featured around the image. The image I have chosen has a thin line of black around the top and bottom, which I am going to crop out. In the image below I have zoomed in so you can see the subtle difference between the original .jpg and my new image. It may seem like a small difference, but it is important.

Cropping Example

Cropping Example Zoom

If you are unsure whether you should crop an image or not, please ask FinalRest for advice.

Once you've got your new .png image saved, you're ready to upload it to the wiki!

Step 3: UploadingEdit

This is what the Upload Photo page looks like, found at Special:Upload, or via a link to upload images under the "Explore" menu at the top of every page:

Upload Photo Page Oasis

The rules at the top of the page are very important and we will be going over them as we upload the new image.

The first thing to do is add the source file. Next to the line marked Source Filename, click on the browse button, find your image and add it up. Your screen should look a little like the image below.

Source File

Next up is to decide the new name for your file. As most .jpgs are incorrectly named, when uploading the .png it is of paramount importance that you rename it correctly. If you are unsure how to name a file, please carefully read over the wiki's naming policy. If you are still stuck on what to call your file, feel free to ask FinalRest for help. If you incorrectly name a file, it means another editor will eventually have to redo all of the work that is about to follow, and of course we don't want that! Decide on the proper name and add it to the Destination Filename line.

Luckily for me, the original name of my image is pretty accurate and all I have to do is add the game title in. Battle of the 1000 Heartless.jpg becomes Battle of the 1000 Heartless KHII.png!

Destination Filename

The next box is the summary and is another important section. The first thing you should do is go to the page of your original .jpg image and click edit at the top of the page. You must copy everything from the edit box and paste it into the summary box of the Upload Photo page. Here is what my summary box now looks like:


If your summary box now contains a bit of information about the image or its source, you must make sure it is under a summary title. As you can see, the information I just pasted in the summary box comes with the following blurb about the image:

[[Sora]] charges an army of [[Heartless]] in [[Hollow Bastion]], at the climax of the [[Battle of 1000 Heartless]].

Taken from [!.jpg Kingdom Hearts Insider].

However, this information is not under a summary title, so I should add it in. To add a summary title, you must place the following:


My summary box now looks like this:

Summary 2

Not all images include a summary, so do not add a summary title if your image does not have a summary section.


When images are uploaded they must also be licensed and categorized correctly. The license should go underneath the summary section. In your summary box, if there is not a license already included, you need to add the proper template. To do this, under the summary title, you must place the following:


Underneath that you must place the template for the applicable license. To learn more about which license is best for your image, please view the Copyright section on this page. Again, if you have trouble with choosing a license template, simply ask FinalRest for help.

Luckily for me, my image already has licensing thanks to the copy/paste I just did. If your image already has a licensing template, but no title, be sure to add one in!


The final information in the summary box is the categories. Categories are often left out when an image is uploaded, so make sure you add in all the necessary links. To learn about categories and which ones you should use, click on the link in the big yellow box at the top of the page.

Category Box

I add the Unused Screenshot category to my image. The text in my summary box is as follows:

[[Sora]] charges an army of [[Heartless]] in [[Hollow Bastion]], at the climax of the [[Battle of 1000 Heartless]].

Taken from [!.jpg Kingdom Hearts Insider].


[[Category:Kingdom Hearts II Cutscene Images]]
[[Category:Unused Screenshots]]

And that's all that needs to be done for uploading your image! Press the Upload File button and you're sorted!

Step 4: Replacing LinksEdit

Your work is only just beginning once your image is uploaded! Now comes the extremely important step of replacing the original .jpg image.

Remember the Appears on these pages section I showed you earlier? Well, on the original .jpg image, scroll down to that area. See all the pages listed there? Well, those are pages that the .jpg is currently used on. What we have to now is remove all of these connections so that when the .jpg is deleted there will be no broken file links on articles. To do this, you must find the place where the .jpg is used and replace it with the new .png version. You might also notice that on your new image there is no Appears on these pages section, as it is empty. After we have replaced all the links for the .jpg, the links from the Appears on these pages section on the .jpg page will have moved to the .png page, leaving the .jpg's Appears on these pages section empty. This will mean that the .jpg is eligible for deletion!

To begin, open a page listed in the Appears on these pages section. My image has three links:

Appears On These Pages 2

To begin, I will remove the link on the Battle of the 1000 Heartless page. There are a few ways to find the image you want to replace...

  1. Scan through the page. If you see the image you need to change, open up the edit box for the proper section and replace it.
  2. Open up the edit box of the page and use Ctrl+F to search for the name of the .jpg.

I prefer to use the first method, which helps me spot the .jpg link easily. All you have to do is remove the .jpg's name and replace it with the name of your .png. Any additional image information (such as size or page alignment) should not be touched. The picture below shows how I've replaced the .jpg link with my .png.

Replaced Image Oasis

Noticed how the only thing that has changed is the image name? That should be the case with your replaced links as well.

In the Summary bar for your edit, write the following:

Replacing Image Link

This will let everyone browsing through the article know what you are doing. Remember to preview your edit to check that the image works fine, then you can press Publish!

Publish Oasis

Go back to the .jpg page, click refresh and scroll down to Appears on these pages. What do you notice? That's right, the page you just edited has disappeared from the list! Now go on over and refresh your .png image page. Now the page is listed there instead! See what we're doing?

All you have to do now is replace all the other links, to empty out the .jpg's Appears on these pages list. This should be a pretty straight forward process, but there are some tricky situations you could run into.

User:RoxasXIIILK/The End of JPGs Project

This is an old page that was once used as the hub for this very project. However, it is now a defunct page and is not used. Due to the multitude of links that are present on this page, you are not required to replace any links on this page. Instead, ignore it in the links section so that it is the only page still left in the Appears on these pages section. If an image is linked to the User:RoxasXIIILK/The End of JPGs Project page, it will not prevent it from being deleted.

User Space

Although it is usually forbidden for a user to edit another user's userspace without permission, when replacing an image it is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to write Replacing Image Link in the edit summary line, so as not to alarm any other users.

Missing Links

If you are unable to find an image on a listed usage page, there are two possible reasons to why this might be. The first is that the image might be linked, as opposed to being used as a photo. When searching through an edit box this will not be a problem, but if you are changing links by searching for photos in an article, you might miss the link for the image. To rectify this, simply use the find option when editing the page.

The second reason you might be unable to find a link is because the image is being used via a template. This means that although the image has not been directly placed on the page, it might be featured in a template that is being used on the page. This is a very common occurrence on user pages. To solve this situation, find the template that uses the image and replace the image there. This will then replace all the images on the pages that are also using the template.

Immortal Links

If you have replaced a link only to find that it won't disappear from the Appears on these pages section no matter how many times you refresh, then you may have one of the following problems. The first is that the page might have used the image in question multiple times and you have not replaced the other links. To fix this, simply do another image search on the page and replace the links as per usual.

The second reason again comes down to templates. Sometimes the links from templates might not change immediately, causing template image links to stay on the page for the old .jpg. In this situation, first check through the page thoroughly to ensure that you have not missed any links. If you are 100% positive it is the template causing the problem, you can simply ignore the link in the Appears on these pages panel and move onto the other links.

My image was used on the User:RoxasXIIILK/The End of JPGs Project page, so I had one link left in the Appears on these pages section. However, because this link is not supposed to be replaced, I can continue on and finish!

Appears On These Pages 3

Once you've finished replacing all the links you can move onto the final step! Make sure you click on the See Full List button to ensure you have replaced all links.

Step 5: Elimination!!!Edit

Now for the final step! Now that a shiny new .png is in place to take over from the .jpg, the .jpg is now ready to be deleted. Add a {{delete}} to the file page to nominate the .jpg for deletion. An admin will respond to your request shortly after and you'll be all done!

Congratulations on making it through the tutorial! Have fun converting and we look forward to seeing your work!