Issue #9's Journalist Spot is being held over at KHWiki. Head over there to get involved!
July 01 2016 05:00 UTC This message will be displayed if the timer does not show up (like if you do not have javascript enabled on your browser) until the release of the next issue.

Heard about the new magazine hosted on the KHWiki and the Keyhole and want to get involved? Here at the Journalist Spot, you can share ideas and help us work towards the release of our next issue.

How It Works


Before you can contribute, you must be a registered user on both Wikis with a minimum of either 100 total edits at the Keyhole (check your edit count here) or 300 total edits at the KHWiki (check here).

Any users that meet the edit count requirement can sign-up to do any of the tasks listed in the Sign Up section below. Remember that when you sign up to a job, it is your responsibility to complete your tasks. Work must be submitted at least a week before release.

If you are doing an interview, debate battle or podcast, work with your partner(s) at an off-Wiki location, such as the IRC or by email.


Once you've signed up, you can ask for assistance in the "Discussion" section below. Other users will offer feedback and develop your ideas with their own thoughts and opinions. To ask for assistance, click the "Leave Message" button at the top of the page or click here. Please title the section with the section of the magazine which you are requesting help for (eg. if working on the Review, title the section Review).

Submitting Finished Work

After you have a first draft, email it to "" so that the Editor in Chief can review your work, fix any mistakes and give you any extra advice that you might need. Please refrain from posting any drafts on the Wiki to prevent ruining the surprise and satisfaction of the end result. Again, ensure that you email your work at least a week before release so that there is time to fix any potential issues.

Submission Etiquettes

For the aid of the publisher, we now request everyone to observe the following etiquettes when you are submitting a piece of work:


Insert all the relevant coding in your email, including all images, font colors, formatting and links. Also insert the relevant parameters of your piece. For example, this is an example of a perfect riddle submission: |gridriddle1=Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet |gridriddle1answer=consectetur adipiscing elit |gridriddle1author=Cicero Two templates have been made to handle links: Template:KHWiki and Template:Keyhole. These works by using the following parameters (this uses the KHWiki template as an example but the Keyhole is the same):




Never use basic [[ ]] links unless you know that both Wikis have the page that you're linking to!


Allude to both Wikis as much as possible with links and mentions, unless your section is specific to one Wiki.

Due Date

It is vital that you submit your work before at least a week before the next issue is set to be released so that a) the publisher has time to add it into the rest of the magazine and b) there is time to fix any issues that there may be.

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