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Featured Userpage is a special award that was created to recognize some of the amazing userpages that the editors of the Keyhole have put together.

Terms of Nomination

What types of userpages are eligible for nomination for this award? A Featured Userpage should:

  • Contain no inappropriate content. Goes without saying, but it must be said just to be safe.
  • Not be featured on the wiki in any way. This means that User Arenas or userpages that have been featured in the past year are ineligible.
  • Not be used for a template. Signatures, archive templates or anything similar are not eligible.
  • Have not been nominated for this award in the past two months. After the two month period has passed, a userpage is once again eligible for nomination.

That's all there is to it! The subject of the userpage does not matter and subpages are also eligible. Try to keep your nominations interesting, though! A plain page used only as a lab probably wouldn't do well against an image packed userpage that took the owner a month to create. Look for atheistically pleasing pages, or ones designed for a cool purpose and don't be afraid to nominate something that's a bit outside of the box!

Nomination Process

So, there's a userpage that you think is awesome and should be nominated. How do you make it happen?

For the first 21 days of a month, just post a link to your nomination in the nomination section for the current month. Follow your nomination with a comment if you wish and sign under your nomination with your signature. If someone has already nominated the talk bubble or signature you support, just second their nomination using the # symbol.

On the first of the following month, the creator of the winning userpage will receive their award, which can be proudly displayed on their winning user page. The lucky winner will also have their creation showcased on the wiki's front page along with a commemorative, custom description of the winning creation.

To prevent sockpuppeting and other forms of cheating, only registered users may vote. If it is discovered that someone is being a poor sport and attempting to sockpuppet, their votes for the current election, as well as the next two, will be negated.

Remember, though, only one nomination is allowed per user per month! On a similar note, only one userpage from each user is able to be nominated each month, regardless of who nominated them. Submissions close a week before the end of the month. Pretty easy, right?

There is one more rule to keep this from becoming one big popularity contest. After the winner is announced, all of their userpages become ineligible for voting for the next two months. For example, let's say that the user KairiFan creates a userpage that is nominated and wins the Featured Userpage award for the month of May. That means that for the voting cycles in June and July, userpages from KairiFan will be ineligible for voting and any nominations or votes placed for any userpages that KairiFan has created will be dismissed.

We also acknowledge that userpages are regularly being updated or remodelled, so although a page's name may be the same, the contents may be completely different from what it contained at a earlier date. It is because of this that we have decided that userpages are able to win the Featured Userpage award more than once. However, for a userpage to become re-eligible for nomination, it must have been over a year since the page in question had won. The nominated Userpage must also deviate from the way it looked when it previously won. If a userpage is ineligible for voting, it will be noted under the nomination.


Each registered editor can make one nomination or seconding; they must put their vote and signature, (~~~~) underneath the nominee of their choice. If you want to explain what it is about the userpage that makes you agree with the nomination, just add a comment as if you were posting on a talk page. Post your vote/nomination with a message and a signature (~~~~) not a talk bubble. No talk bubbles are to be used on this page. Remember that all votes are valid until the first day of the following month. (If it is May voting ends June 1st.) Please don't vote for your own creations.

It should also be known that any unhappiness that is expressed on this page regarding any other nominees will result in a warning. If you have a problem with another nominee, please keep it to yourself.


June 2012: CLOSED

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