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Featured Talker is a special award that was created to recognize some of the amazing talk bubbles and signatures that have been created by the talented editors of the Keyhole.

Terms of Nomination

What types of talk bubbles or signatures are eligible for nomination for this award? A Featured Talk Bubble or Signature should:

  • Be hosted on a template. Any bubbles or sigs that are posted using full coding will be removed from nomination.
  • Be nominated by a user who DOES NOT own the nominated talk bubble or signature. This means that you cannot nominate your own creations.
  • Contain no inappropriate content. Goes without saying, but it must be said just to be safe.
  • Have not been nominated for this award in the past four months. After the four month period has passed, a talkbubble or signature is once again eligible for nomination.

That's all there is to it! The subject or style of the Talk Bubble or Signature does not matter; as long as the nominee follows the small list of guidelines above, it is eligible!

Monthly Theme

Although they are used for the same purpose, talk bubbles and signatures are vastly different things- mainly in the coding that is used to create them. It is because of this that each month only one of these styles will be eligible for nomination. One month will be focused solely on talk bubbles, meaning that only talk bubbles are eligible for nomination. The following month only signatures will be eligible for nomination and from then on the focus of each month will switch between the two types. The theme of each month will be listed in each nomination section, so please keep it in mind when nominating.

Nomination Process

So, there's a bubble or sig that you think is awesome and should be nominated. How do you make it happen?

For the first 21 days of a month, just post, using the template coding of the bubble or sig, your nomination. Follow your nomination with a comment if you wish and sign under your nomination with your signature. If someone has already nominated the talk bubble or signature you support, just second their nomination using the # symbol.

On the first of the following month, the creator of the winning talk bubble or signature will receive their award, which can be displayed on their user page. The lucky winner will also have their creation showcased on the wiki's front page along with a commemorative, custom description of the winning creation.

To prevent sockpuppeting and other forms of cheating, only registered users may vote. If it is discovered that someone is being a poor sport and attempting to sockpuppet, their votes for the current election, as well as the next two, will be negated.

Remember, though, only one nomination is allowed per user per month! On a similar note, only one talk bubble from each user is able to be nominated each month, regardless of who nominated them. Submissions close a week before the end of the month. Pretty easy, right?

There is one more rule to keep this from becoming one big popularity contest. After the winning talker is announced, all of their talk bubbles and signatures become ineligible for voting for the next two months. For example, let's say that the user Xemnas223 creates a signature that is nominated and wins the featured talker award for the month of May. That means that for the voting cycles in June and July, talk bubbles or signatures from Xemnas223 will be ineligible for voting and any nominations or votes placed for any bubbles or sigs that Xemnas223 has created will be dismissed. If a talk bubble or signature is ineligible for voting, it will be noted under the nomination.


Each registered editor can make one nomination or seconding; they must put their vote and signature, (~~~~) underneath the nominee of their choice. If you want to explain what it is about the sig or bubble that makes you agree with the nomination, just add a comment as if you were posting on a talk page. Post your vote/nomination with a message and a signature (~~~~) not a talk bubble. No talk bubbles (apart from the nominees) are to be used on this page. Remember that all votes are valid until the first day of the following month. (If it is May voting ends June 1st.) Please don't vote for yourself.

It should also be known that any unhappiness that is expressed on this page regarding any other nominees will result in a warning. If you have a problem with another nominee, please keep it to yourself.


June 2012: CLOSED

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