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Kingdom Hearts Vol. 1 Episode 1
Publisher Tokyopop
First published 2005
Cover date 2005
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Adriana Rivera
Edits by Alexis Kirsch
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts

The first volume of the Kingdom Hearts I manga series in which the main characters are introduced.


As a meteor shower falls on a quiet island, a voice recites of the legend of the light, and a young boy finds a strange girl washed up on the shore.

Suddenly, that boy, Sora, is woken from his dream when the girl, Kairi, shouts at the "lazy bum" to wake up and help with the raft. Another boy, Riku, walks up and scolds them for "always goofing around", insinuating that the two were off scarfing the romantic Paopu fruit. Sora temporarily bristles, but soon calms down and asks the others if the raft will really take them to another world. Riku reassures him that what will happen will happen, and thanks Kairi's appearance on the island for the idea to go exploring. In return, Kairi shows the boys the Thalassa Shell lucky charm she is working on, and explains how it is used to pray for safe voyages, but Sora charges into surf with his pennant and guarantees the others that they will see the world.

As the kids leave the area, Riku tosses Sora a Paopu fruit, and asks if he will share the fruit before their departure, which would intertwine the fates of the two who share it. Sora completely misinterprets this as a romantic advance, and gets flustered and angry at Riku for the rest of the night.

At Disney Castle, something very bad has happened. The court magician, Donald Duck, frantically rushes to the Courtyard, where he finds the royal knight, Goofy, asleep at his post. So, obviously, he casts Fire on Goofy to wake him up. He warns Goofy that they can tell no one — just as Daisy and Minnie walk up behind him. They take him to the Library, where he reveals that the King has left after leaving a letter, that he is going to check on why stars have been disappearing.

As they continue to read the letter, the children on Destiny Islands are in their rooms. Sora is lying on his bed, still frustrated over the Paopu fruit Riku had given him, Kairi is finishing the Thalassa charm, and Riku is watching the the playground island, where...

"The door is opening."

Featured charactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Destiny Islands
Disney Castle

Covers (2)Edit

  • Front cover: A peaceful Destiny Islands scene, with the Kingdom Hearts logo.
  • Back cover: Jiminy Cricket plans what to write.


Continuity errorsEdit

  • None yet identified.

Artistic errorsEdit

  • None yet identified.

Items of noteEdit

Dubbing changesEdit

Kingdom Hearts referencesEdit

  • The tale told at the beginning of the episode is in fact the story which Kairi's grandmother told her at Radiant Garden.

Real-world referencesEdit

Miscellaneous triviaEdit


"Episode 1: Calling" is only available within the manga collection.

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