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Language English
Status Active
Run Date 2003-present
Date Open Fall 2003[1]
Creator Deven
Type News/Forum
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Kingdom Hearts, or simply referred to as, is a fansite created by Deven in the fall of 2003 dedicated for providing updated news on the Kingdom Hearts series.

It is a known source for updated news relating to the Kingdom Hearts series. The website is updated on an nearly daily basis. Besides from its news update, it is also known for its active forum community, its popular multimedia, such as customize wallpaper, signatures and avatar icons.

Kingdom Hearts Insider remains as one of the largest well-known community and fanbase websites relating towards the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts Insider's name is taken from the name of the series, Kingdom Hearts and the term insider, meaning to have context of secret, privileged, hidden or information or knowledge.


Kingdom Hearts Insider, originally known as Kingdom Hearts, was created by Deven around the fall of 2003, with the recently announced Kingdom Hearts II. At the time there were countless other websites providing a wide variety of content to Kingdom Hearts II.

Originally, Kingdom Hearts Insider was a simple mailing service. Visitors instead of visiting the website for daily news, could just type in their email, and have news sent to them directly to them. To further expand Kingdom Hearts Insider, a forum was created. Kingdom Hearts continued to grow and it developed quickly fast. By 2004, Deven could no longer handle both the growing forum community, and the website, so he hired The Midnighter, an expert on forum and coding, to help manage the forums.

As Kingdom Hearts grew in the number of visitors online, Kingdom Hearts underwent a upgraded in its servers. It was also due to a lawsuit that Kingdom Hearts had to renamed its site to Kingdom Hearts In April 2006, Deven decided that he was not what was best for the Kingdom Hearts and decided to sell Kingdom Hearts to Yusuf. Along with his large team, Yusuf began to completely revamp Kingdom Hearts Creating a new layout and adding new content to the website.

Kingdom Hearts then continued to expand, with new contents such as a videos archive, additional forum skins, another layout redesign, a wallpaper and avatar gallery, and new community features.


Kingdom Hearts holds many content to its sites. It has a quick synopsis of each of the game in the series, along with notes about any remakes for it. A characters and worlds section for each game, that provides a quick story summation of the characters and worlds. A gameplay sections that explains the mechanics of the game. An image gallery for each of the game. Interviews relating towards the game.


Kingdom Hearts Insider has a large forum community where users can talk about any topic relating to the Kingdom Hearts series to causal talk.


Kingdom Hearts Insider has a large multimedia gallery, ranging from a video archive to officials renders from the game series. It has a gallery dedicated custom fan-images, such as wallpapers, signatures, and a avatar icons.

Legal Issues

Kingdom Hearts Insider, was originally known as Kingdom Hearts However, due to a lawsuit they were forced to change their name. Due to the belief that the site needed to revolve around the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts was renamed Kingdom Hearts


Active staff members

  • Master Spockanort (Arielle) - News Correspondent, Community Event Coordinator, Social Media Manager
  • Sign (Cecily) - News Editor, Content Manager, Site and Site Staff Manager
  • Gexus (Geir) - News Correspondent
  • Chaser (Joey) - News Correspondent, Video Producer
  • goldpanner (Samantha) - Freelance Article Translator, Light Novel Translator
  • Zephyr (Sophearum) - Graphics Manager, News Translator
  • Color Me Evil (Katie) - Graphics Designer
  • Nutari (Eli) - Graphic Artist

Retired staff members

  • spdude - Site Owner
  • bittermeat - Layout creator
  • Skarsgard - Site Manager
  • Raz - Site Manager
  • Monkey - Consumer Support
  • Victor - Super Moderator
  • krexia - Senior Translator, Japanese Correspondent
  • Ajaxx - Programmer/Coder, Graphics Designer

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