This article is about the Kingdom Hearts II novel. You may be looking for the game.
"Light and darkness. Heroes and villains."
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts II Novel Cover
Boss Fight Books
Author Alexa Ray Corriea
Release Date June 27, 2017
Pages 144
Type Paperback
Price 14.95 USD (Paperback)
4.95 USD (e-book)
ISBN 978-1-940535-16-6


Light and darkness. Heroes and villains. Final Fantasy epics and... Donald Duck? The Kingdom Hearts series has always walked a fine line between masterfully executed crossover and nonsensical fan mashup, but Square Enix and Disney's intercompany franchise remains beloved throughout numerous sequels, prequels, and remixes. Despite the outlandish premise and convoluted lore, what lies at the heart of Kingdom Hearts is more than familiar to fans of Final Fantasy and Disney alike: friendship.

For games critic and JRPG superfan Alexa Ray Corriea, no game in the series better exemplifies friendship than Kingdom Hearts II. Corriea's close reading of protagonist Sora's struggles and triumphs, his friendship with rival Riku, and his dark journey into oblivion illuminates how the unlikely universe of Kingdom Hearts authentically portrays human relationships better than any solo Final Fantasy or Disney game ever could. Just as Kingdom Hearts II is greater than the sum of its parts, Corriea's exploration of the game's themes and emotional depths reveals how each of us is stronger for the people who surround us.


  • Prelude
  • KH Prologue 1.5 Remix
  • Six Days Later: An Exercise in Futility with a Boy Named Roxas
  • Nobodies and Somebodies
  • Riku and Redemption, Or, What Doesn't Kill You
  • Gone Girl
  • Bad Romances and Rad Bromances
  • Long Live the King
  • A Kid's Game?
  • What the Hell is Kingdom Hearts Anyway?
  • Coda
  • Notes and Acknowledgements

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