Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Signature Series Strategy Guide
BradyGames (US)
Author Casey Loe
Release Date September 7, 2010 (US)
Pages 255

The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Signature Series Guide is a guide for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep that was made by BradyGames, which also published guides for Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Strategy Guide begins like previous guides, detailing game basics and controls, introducing the heroes and heroines, and all of your companions. How it differs from previous guides is it three guides put together as one, single cohesive guide, this is because there are three separate heroes with three separate but similar stories. The guide is put together with the suggested order of Terra, Ventus, and finally Aqua. This is because the creators of the game feel this order makes the most sense out of the story. Although the guide is read Terra, Ventus, Aqua, one can play any order they wish.

As one finishes a story, the guide focuses entirely on the next story, with no explanations of what just happened in the previous one. This is due to the fact the Author, Casey Loe, did not wish to "spoil" any part of the story until you reached the Final Episode. After you have completed all three stories, the guide details the events of the Final Episode & Secret Bosses, all Mini-Games, the Mirage Arena, Keyblades, Key Items, and all Battle Commands using what the author calls the Commandpedia. Following the Commandpedia is the Bestiary and all Acknowledgments.


  • In the strategy for the battle against Terra/Xehanort, his name is misspelled as "Terra/Xenahort" (pg. 75.)
  • In the strategy for the battle against Terra/Xehanort, the Chaos Ripper Keyblade is called by its Japanese name, "Chaos Reaper" (pg. 75).
  • On Ventus's map of Disney Town, the Mickey Sticker is listed as "Mickey Crystal" (pg. 100).
  • On Ventus's walkthrough of Olympus Coliseum, the Prize Pods are listed as dropping "Nutty Nut" ingredients (pg. 108).
  • On Aqua's map of Radiant Garden, a chest containing a Hi-Potion is listed as containing a "ハイポーション" (pg. 140).
  • On Aqua's map of Keyblade Graveyard, it does not indicate the location of the Bubble Sticker (pg. 171).
  • In the Final Episode section, the list states that Xehanort Report 5 is earned through the "Weaver Fever" Mirage Arena event, instead of through the "Sinister Sentinel" event (pg. 177).
  • "Vanitas Remnant" is listed as "Vanitas's Lingering Spirit" based on its battle tagline (pg. 181).
  • "Unknown" is listed as "Mysterious Figure" based on a translation of its Japanese name (pg. 183).
  • The Ringer Ticket is listed under its Japanese name, "Anger Ticket" (pg. 191).
  • The Stormfall Keyblade is listed under its Japanese name, "Rainstorm" (pg. 194).
  • The Ringer Ticket is listed as the "Ranger Ticket" (pg. 197).
  • The recipe "Glide + Fire Surge" is listed as providing the Once More ability when a Wellspring Crystal is attached, rather than a Combo Plus (pg. 213).
  • In the "Bestiary" section, it shows the Nobody symbol instead of the Unversed symbol (pg. 238).

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