Keyblade Ride Aqua

Aqua Keyblade Riding in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Keyblade Glider (キーブレードライダー Kīburēdo Raidā?, lit. "Keyblade Rider") is an ability demonstrated in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and Xehanort have the ability to turn their Keyblades into vehicles, which they can use to fly, even to other worlds. This ability has only been demonstrated by these four, and it is unknown if other Keyblade wielders can use it.

Although each Keyblade Glider is similar in the manner that they are formed, by throwing the Keyblade into the sky, where it transforms into its vehicle form, the heroes' gliders have drastically different forms. Terra's Keyblade Glider resembles a bike or speeder, Ventus's vehicle is shaped like a winged waveboard, and Aqua's Keyblade transforms into a two-part bow-and-platform device. The Keyblade wielders can also use their glider to attack; Terra rams his glider into the enemy, Ventus spins his glider around at the target, and Aqua uses the bow of her vehicle as a literal energy bow, firing shots at enemies from far away.

No matter the Keychain attached to the Keyblade when the glider is formed, the glider is always formed from the wielder's original Keyblade—Earthshaker for Terra, Wayward Wind for Ventus, and Rainfell for Aqua — and the design of the glider reflects that. However, during the Rumble Racing mini-game, the gliders are given a completely different color scheme.

Keyblade Glider is also the special event for the "Keyblade" and "Secret" Command Boards. When activated, the player boards their Keyblade Glider, and can move to any spot they choose on the board.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Lingering Will uses Terra's Keyblade Glider as an attack, in attempt to ram Sora. If it connects, it may deal several hits.

Xehanort's Keyblade Glider has only been demonstrated by No Heart, a super boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It takes the form of a four-winged jet pack.

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepEdit

Vanitas uses the Keyblades in the Keyblade Graveyard in a similar manner as the Keyblade Glider.


  • B t: Charge
  • B c: Jump
  • B s: Barrier
  • B x: Attack
Rumble Racing
  • B t: Barrier
  • B c: Attack
  • B s: Brake
  • B x: Accelerate
  • Terra: Skid Charge (スキッドバースト Sukiddo Basuto?, lit. "Skid Burst")
  • Ventus: Air Gyre (エアレイヴ Ea Reivu?, lit. "Air Rave")
  • Aqua: Wing Arrow (ウイングアロー Wingu Arō?)

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