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 |game=Kingdom Hearts II
 |type=High-ranking Nobody
 |loc1=Beast's Castle
 |loc2=Twilight Town
 |loc3=The World That Never Was
 |reward=(3) MP Ball x 6<br>Dense Shard (12%), Serenity Gem (4%), Nobody Lance (1%)
The '''Dragoon''' is a high-ranking [[Nobody]] controlled by [[Xaldin]] that is found in ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]''.

* [[Beast's Castle]]
* [[Twilight Town]]
* [[The World That Never Was]]

==Journal Entry==
===''Kingdom Hearts II''===
''A dragoon. A high-ranking Nobody. When a ball of light appears after parrying its attacks, use Learn. Time it accurately, to use Jump to attack.''

''Learn can be used as often as possible, so a series of Jump attacks is one strategy option.''

Dragoons are one of the most powerful Nobodies. When they appear they drop directly to the ground, causing damage. Jump to avoid the shockwave attack then lead up with a combo. They use the jump attack constantly and it can make fighting difficult. Sora can use the Jump [[reaction command]] to eliminate them more easily. The Jump ability also becomes extremely useful when fighting their master, Xaldin. In [[The World That Never Was]] when they appear at high levels they can be elimated with Session.

The Dragoon is based on the ''Final Fantasy'' [[finalfantasy:Dragoon|job class of the same name]].

This in turn was named after the real life [[wikipedia:dragoon|cavalry]] used by the 17th and 18th Centuries armies in Europe and even in the American Revolution.

*The Dragoon's real face is actually what appears to be the black area in its neck that is covered by purple bandages. The draconian head acts as a helmet for this variety of Nobody, like a ''Final Fantasy'' Dragoon.

==See Also==
* [[Nobody Lance]]

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