Kingdom Hearts
Jungle King
(ネイティブワーク Native Work)
Jungle King KH
"Has a long reach, but seldom deals critical blows."
Strength MP
+5 +0
Magic Boost
Lock the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.

The Jungle King (ネイティブワーク Neitibu Wāku?, lit. "Native Work") is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade which appears in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Tarzan gives Sora the Jungle King once he locks Deep Jungle's Keyhole.

The Jungle King was originally planned to appear as the signature Attack Card for Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and was even depicted in early screenshots for the game, but was removed along with the world when the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs forbade Disney from reusing Tarzan.


The Jungle King appears to be made of wood and other materials from nature. Its handle is orange and surrounded by a circular, tan guard with two spikes near its top. The guard is almost entirely covered by a dark purple material wrapped around it. The shaft is very thin, tan, and long, to the point that the Jungle King is one of the longest Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts.

Its teeth are made of five blunt, tan spikes separated by the same dark purple material from the guard. These teeth slightly resemble Ventus' default Keyblade Wayward Wind's teeth. The first link of the Keychain appears to be a silver carabiner, while the rest of the Keychain appears to be a strand of creeper vine. The token is a ribbon that resembles a blue butterfly with orange wingtips, the same type of butterfly that covered Deep Jungle's Keyhole.

The name of the Keyblade may reference to Tarzan after he became the leader of the gorillas after Kerchak's death which would make him the Jungle King. It also references to the term "King of the Jungle".


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