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Ice Colossus
Ice Colossus KHBBS
Enemy Type Somebody
Role Boss
Origin Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Home World Olympus Coliseum
Katakana アイスコロッソス
Romaji Aisu Korossosu

The Ice Colossus, misspelled as "Ice Colussus" in the Japanese release, is a creature who can be found exclusively as a boss in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Journal entriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepEdit

A fake Ice Titan which Hades created to do battle in the Coliseum.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by SleepEdit

After Hades challenges Aqua to a fight, he reveals his trump card: the Ice Colossus. Hades claims that the rules state that fights do not have to be just one-on-one, and that she can pick someone to assist her as well. Zack volunteers to help but Aqua says she can handle it. She fights Hades and the Ice Colossus two-on-one, and emerges victorious. After the battle, Hades remarks that the fake was not good enough, revealing the Ice Colossus to be an inferior copy of the actual Ice Titan.


The Ice Colossus is a massive, emaciated, humanoid being that is, true to its name, composed entirely of ice. It has fairly long arms that end in clawed, four-fingered hands. Its icy ribcage is always visible, and its upper back is lined by tall spikes. Its head is rather small in comparison to the rest of its body.

Its blocky mouth is filled with sharp teeth, its eyes are small and barely visible. It has a spiky crest decorating the back of its head and cheeks. Its upper legs are very thin, while its thicker lower legs are frozen to the ground, forcing the Ice Colossus to constantly break and regenerate them to walk.


The Ice Colossus's name refers to its frozen body, while "colossus" is a descriptive term for anything of gigantic size.

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