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Gold Tricholoma
Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji ゴールドトリコローマ
Romaji Gōrudo Torikorōma
Games Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
Gold Tricholoma's Gallery
White Mushroom
Black Fungus
Rare Truffle
Pink Agaricus
Mushroom XIII

Kingdom Hearts coded

A rare Heartless. On the off chance you do find one, it will flee left and right and soon disappear if you don't keep it in your clutches. They're not easy to defeat—but rewards await if you do.



The Gold Tricholoma is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


A Gold Tricholoma has a spherical, pitch black head with two glowing, yellow, beady eyes. It wears a round, golden cap on its head that sports two black, angular spirals on its front. It also seems to wear a golden smock that completely covers its legs and thin, fingerless arms. Its Heartless emblem is present on the front of this smock.

The Gold Tricholoma's name references its golden coloration and Tricholoma, a genus of fungus.


Gold Tricholomas are Heartless very similar in relation to the Prize Pod Unversed and the Bulky Vendor Heartless. They only appear in certain floors in System Sectors. However, they will vanish and reappear in a new location if you don't kill it in time, making it hard to close the distance on one. Once you manage to hit it though, they begin to drop many SP prizes each time until they finally dissapate and release a huge amount of SP prizes. In order to defeat this type of Heartless with the greatest ease, simply Lock-on to one and begin hammering with physical attacks. Combo attacks work well, and if you can Ignite or Freeze it, that also helps.

The Gold Tricholoma can rapidly inflict damage and Blind if you are too close to it. It is recommended that you bring a fast Keyblade like Lionheart or Three Wishes to get as many hits in as possible before it teleports to another part of the room. Alternatively, use commands like Judgement Triad and the Finish Command Zone of Ruin to perform strong attacks that keep you out of harm's way.

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