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Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping (Screenshot) KHII
Kana/Kanji プレセント作り
Rōmaji Puresento Tsukuri
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts II
World(s) Halloween Town

Gift Wrapping (プレセント作り Puresento Tsukuri?, lit. "Present Making") is a mini-game that can be played by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. It is located in the Wrapping Room in Santa's House at Halloween Town and can be played by talking to the elf.


In the second visit to Halloween Town, a thief is going around stealing Doctor Finkelstein's experiment and Christmas presents. To apprehend the thief, Jack makes a plan that requires to use Christmas presents as bait. So Santa gives Sora and Jack permission to use its wrapping room to make decoy presents to apprehend the thief.

Jiminy's Objective

To complete Jiminy's Journal you must achieve a score of 150 or more. At difficulty levels below Proud, this is a requirement to view the secret movie.


In Gift Wrapping, Sora has to shoot toys and candies for the gifts using a machine. The bigger and faster the presents are filled, the more points you get. While filling them, Lock, Shock, and Barrel go around knocking them away. You can shoot toys at them to stun them, but they will get back up eventually.


Gift Wrapping - Kingdom Hearts II (HD 2.5 ReMIX)

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