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In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, the Games are participated and fought by Terra and Aqua in the Olympus Coliseum.


Terra's Scenario

After Terra fought a horde of Unversed to save Hercules, Hades saw Terra and was impressed. Discovering a plan to release the darkness within Terra, Hades bribed Terra to enter the Games. After entering the Games and fighting Zack, Hades appears, telling Terra to open to the darkness. Zack tells Terra to free him from the darkness, resulting them into another battle. After the battle, Hades leaves, Zack is freed, and Terra and Zack become friends.

Aqua's Scenario

After Aqua and Hercules fought a horde of Unversed, Philoctetes suggested to Aqua and Zack to sign up for the games. After Phil signed them up, Aqua fought Zack in the East bracket final. Aqua beats Zack, and Zack tells her that Terra is probably the winner of the West bracket, and might face her in the championship final. But it proves to be Hades, who calls for backup from the Ice Colossus, before fighting Aqua. Hades suggests that Aqua get her backup, who is Zack, but Aqua refuses and fights Hades and the Ice Colossus alone. Once Hades is defeated, Aqua says her goodbyes to Hercules, Phil, and Zack, and then leaves the world, hoping to find Terra.


Round 1: 3 Scrapper

Round 2: Terra: 1 Bruiser, 1 Vile Phial Aqua: 1 Bruiser

Round 3: 3 Spiderchest

Round 4: 1 Buckle Bruiser

Round 5: 5 Shoegazer

Round 6: 2 Yellow Mustard, 2 Red Hot Chili, 2 Blue Sea Salt, 1 Axe Flapper

Round 7: 3 Buckle Bruiser

Round 8: 2 Monotrucker, 2 Chrono Twister

Round 9: 5 Mandrake, 1 Bruiser

Round 10: 5 Blue Jellyshade, 5 Aqua Jellyshade, 5 Yellow Jellyshade, 5 Orange Jellyshade (20 total)

Round 11: Zack First Battle

Round 12: Terra: Zack Second Battle Aqua: Hades and Ice Colossus

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