There must be something wrong with the parts those imbeciles brought me.
Dr Finkelstein- Normal 2 Sprite KHD
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Seed Team Enemies

6 Shadow x 3
Soldier x 3
5 Hover Ghost x 7
4 Striped Aria x 3
Ice Cannon x 1
3 Yellow Opera x 4
Tailbunker x 1
2 Xigbar
1 Guard Armor
Seed Team Enemies

5 Air Battler x 2
Sky Grappler x 1
4 Li'l Cannon x 6
Jumbo Cannon x 3
3 Snowy Crystal x 2
Switch Launcher x 1
2 Watcher x 4
Ice Cannon x 1
1 Stalwart Blade
This article is about the Olympus Coliseum cups in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. You may be looking for the games in the Kingdom Hearts series.

The Games is a minigame played in missions 61 and 73 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

First GamesEdit

The first Games at the Olympus Coliseum are held on Day 224 during Mission 61.




Second GamesEdit

The second Games at the Olympus Coliseum are held on day 296 during Mission 73.