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Game Clear Data is a function introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It allows the player to access special features found after beating the game.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Game Clear Data is represented by a gold crown on a save file. It unlocks:

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Game Clear Data is represented by a gold card on a save file. It unlocks:

Sora's Story

Sora's Game Clear Data

  • Reverse/Rebirth Mode
  • Theater Mode
  • Sora's cutscenes in Theater Mode

Riku's Game Clear Data

  • Riku's cutscenes in Theater Mode
  • New cards for Sora, including Keyblade cards from both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II and cards for the Organization XIII members introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Game Clear Data is again represented by gold crown. It unlocks:

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Game Clear Data is represented by a star symbol appearing between a world name and the save point location on the load and save screen. It unlocks:

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Game Clear Data is represented by a yellow Mickey head-silhouette on a save file. It unlocks:

  • Theater Mode

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Game Clear Data is represented by a golden crown on a save file.

  • Critical Mode difficulty.
  • The ability to transfer Dream Eater Spirits from one saving onto the next.
  • Secret Portals open up in each world allowing you to battle bosses again, doing all these gives the Unbound Keychain.
  • Julius is available to fight in Traverse Town, once defeated this gives you the Ultima Weapon Keychain.
  • Once a game completed on Critical Mode is available, the artwork changes into a red-orange tinted version of the art with Sora heading upwards and Riku heading downwards.

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