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This article is about the synthesis materials. You may be looking for the Aero spell.

Gale (吹き荒れる Fukiareru?, lit. "Roaring") is a material type available in Kingdom Hearts. Gale materials contain a howling wind frozen in crystalline form.


The name of the material reflects the "essence of howling winds" it contains. A gale is a strong blast of wind, while "roaring" is often used to describe strong winds.


Kingdom Hearts

  • Gale (吹き荒れるカゼ Fukiareru Kaze?, lit. "Roaring Wind"): Angel Star (8%), Invisible (6%)

-A good place to collect Gale is Final Rest at the end of End of the World and go to the previous room, kill all the Invisibles and Angel Stars * and go back into Final Rest and repeat.

  • Gale Stone was introduced in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and dropped only by the Neoshadow.

Synthesized items

Kingdom Hearts

Gale materials are used to synthesize the following items:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Gale materials are used to synthesize the following items:

Notes and references

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