Friend Cards appear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories as a type of playing card which summons an ally of Sora or Riku to help them during battle. They can be identified by their green borders, which they share with Item Cards. Friend Cards behave identically to the other types of playing card, but unlike the others they cannot be collected, and are instead randomly obtained during battle and disappear when the battle is finished.

As in Kingdom Hearts, these allies generally cannot be used on all worlds. Each friend summon can be upgraded to more powerful levels by stocking multiples of that friend card, though they can also be used in various combinations with other Friend Cards, as well as Attack, Magic, Summon, and Item Cards to perform different spells and summons unavailable in the other games. Many of these new combinations are Kingdom Hearts versions of traditional Final Fantasy spells like "Terror" or "Teleport".

Friend Cards are available in both Sora's tale and Reverse/Rebirth, but are only used by Sora and Riku.

List of Friend CardsEdit

Sora's taleEdit

Card Name Location Description
Donald Duck (card)
Donald Duck (Halloween Town) (card)
Donald DuckAll floors except Destiny Islands.Donald randomly casts two spells from Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Cure. Stock more than one to power up Donald's magic.
Goofy (card)
Goofy (Halloween Town) (card)
GoofyAll floors except Destiny Islands.Goofy swings his shield at the enemy. Stock more than one to power up Goofy's attack.[KHCoM]
Goofy attacks the enemy as he spins around Sora. Stock more than one for more power and duration.[Re:CoM]
Aladdin (card)AladdinAgrabahAladdin runs around while swinging his sword, producing Moogle Point orbs. Stock more than one to stun enemies and produce more Moogle Point orbs.
Ariel (card)ArielAtlantica; clear the Room of Guidance.Ariel whirls across the field, striking many enemies. Stock more than one for multiple strikes.
Jack (card)JackHalloween TownJack casts Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Gravity. Stock more than one and Jack will cast multiple, more powerful spells.
Peter Pan (card)Peter PanNeverland; clear the Room of Beginnings.Peter Pan attacks with his dagger. Quick taps on B t speed up attacks and produce Moogle Point orbs. Stock more than one for more power and duration.
Beast (card)BeastHollow Bastion; clear the Room of Guidance.The Beast mows down anyone in Sora's path. Stock more than one to power up the Beast's attack.[KHCoM]
The Beast knocks enemies towards Sora. Sora can then knock the enemies back to the Beast. Stock more than one for multiple strikes.[Re:CoM]
Pluto (card)Pluto[Re:CoM]All floorsPluto digs up cards and orbs from the ground. Stock more than one for better items.
Gimmick CardGimmick CardSee Gimmick Card.Obtained under certain conditions during boss battles. Use the card to generate effects that can give you the upper hand.


Card Name Location Description
The King (card)
The King (Halloween Town) (card)
The KingAll floors except Hollow Bastion, Destiny Islands [KHCoM], and Twilight Town [KHCoM].The king restores HP, stuns and deals damage to all enemies, and reloads cards.
Gimmick CardGimmick CardSee Gimmick Card.Obtained under certain conditions during boss battles. Use the card to generate effects that can give you the upper hand.

Gimmick CardEdit

Gimmick Card use.

A Gimmick Card being used on the Guard Armor.

The Gimmick Card, also known as the Trick Card, is a special Friend Card that can be obtained under certain conditions during boss battles. It depicts a green Hidden Mickey. The card acts as a 0 card, but cannot be broken. Using a Gimmick Card will generate effects that can give Sora the upper hand. In practice it is quite similar to a Reaction Command.

  • Guard Armor: The Guard Armor collapses into a pile and does not attack.
  • Trickmaster: The table and chair reappear in the middle of the arena, allowing the Trickmaster's weaker head and chest to be attacked. In Re:Chain of Memories, Trickmaster is stunned as well.
  • Parasite Cage: The rotating platforms are replaced with one large platform. In Re:Chain of Memories, the stomach acid disappears.
  • Darkside: A broken piece of wood flies in, allowing you to fly up to the Darkside's head for close-range attacks. In Re:Chain of Memories, several pillars of rock form a staircase to the Darkside's head.
  • Jafar: All the floor panels rise to the highest level, allowing Iago to be more easily attacked.
  • Oogie Boogie: The metal wall guarding Oogie Boogie drops into the floor. In Re:Chain of Memories, Oogie Boogie is stunned as well.
  • Giant Ursula: Ursula's tentacles disappear, and she drops her head to the ground. In Re:Chain of Memories, Ursula is stunned as well.
  • Dragon Maleficent: A pile of stone blocks fall from the ceiling, allowing her head to be more easily attacked. In Re:Chain of Memories, a floating platform appears that allows the player to reach Maleficent's head while also keeping them out of any flames on the ground.

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