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Welcome to Where Nothing Gathers, a forum where you make suggestions on how to improve the wiki. If you feel that a thread is particularly important for the entire community, please contact a Staff member to have it labeled as a Stickied Thread. View recent changes for this forum | View alphabetic list of topics

Stickied Threads - please read these first
TopicLast editLast author
**Important: Please Read.**00:59, June 28, 2018Chainoffire
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TopicLast editLast author
A New Beginning05:34, August 5, 2018RoadToDawn
April - June 2017 Tea Party01:54, July 27, 2018CzechBot
January - March 2017 Tea Party01:54, July 27, 2018CzechBot
Red Links01:54, July 27, 2018CzechBot
August - December 2015 Tea Party01:54, July 27, 2018CzechBot
January - July 2015 Tea Party01:53, July 27, 2018CzechBot
Navi Bar for Twilight Town?23:21, July 26, 2018CzechBot
The Keyhole's 10th Anniversary18:22, July 18, 2018Rappy999
Treasure Chests (Moved)18:21, July 18, 2018Rappy999
July 2014 Tea Party18:20, July 18, 2018Rappy999
KHWV Logo18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
Keychain Discussion18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
The Future of the Podcast18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
August 2014 Tea Party18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
2014's End of Year Event: Planning18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
End of Year Event18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
Affiliates - No Linking Back18:18, July 18, 2018Rappy999
New article structure18:51, July 1, 2018Chainoffire
**Important: Please Read.**00:59, June 28, 2018Chainoffire
January - March 2018 Tea Party00:06, June 26, 2018Chainoffire
July - December 2017 Tea Party09:50, February 7, 2018FinalRest
Image Problems09:45, February 7, 2018FinalRest
Discord and Trello03:11, December 27, 2017KeybladeSpyMaster
April - June 2016 Tea Party02:22, November 3, 2017FinalRest
2017 End-of-Year Event06:53, September 30, 2017KeybladeSpyMaster
October - December 2016 Tea Party19:38, July 29, 2017Aixon
Staff Rollcall 2016-221:27, December 30, 2016Aixon
July - September 2016 Tea Party17:30, November 4, 2016Aixon
Unchained X Navibar17:29, November 4, 2016Aixon
January - March 2016 Tea Party16:06, October 11, 2016FinalRest
The Winds of Change15:21, September 21, 2016Draaek
Externally Hosted Image Issues02:17, May 7, 2016FinalRest
Beast/Prince Adam10:31, April 11, 2016Aixon
Staff Rollcall 201605:05, April 1, 2016Chainoffire
Merry Christmas All!06:03, December 27, 2015LegendAqua
Ambitious Idea... Mini-game Infoboxes16:10, December 26, 2015Aixon
Staff Rollcall 201506:16, October 10, 2015Chainoffire
New Theme06:18, August 27, 2015Chainoffire
Quick Notice!06:59, August 10, 2015Chainoffire
October - December 2014 Tea Party06:39, August 5, 2015FinalRest
Editing Issues05:11, August 5, 2015FinalRest
Improving the Galleries21:11, July 14, 2015Aixon
World Procedure09:25, July 3, 2015FinalRest
Kingdom Hearts X Navigation Bar23:00, March 16, 2015ElfdemonGames
Partnership with KH1322:15, February 22, 2015KeybladeSpyMaster
The Featured User Award12:37, February 21, 2015Aixon
A Name for The Greater Wiki13:31, February 11, 2015Draaek
April 2014 Tea Party23:43, February 2, 2015Chainoffire
2014 End of Year Event18:23, November 24, 2014KeybladeSpyMaster
Podcast Announcement!05:24, October 22, 2014Chainoffire
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