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Chainoffire - "I always knew Fran didn't take well to being tied up. I just never knew how much."
TALK - I play the leading man, who else? Got it Memorized? {{{time}}} (UTC)
Hello Users! This is Chainoffire, a fellow user at the keyhole who is supposed to be a part of the Userbox project, but since my mentor, RoxasXIIILK left, I'm not sure what to do. So I consulted the awesome FR and she suggested that I open up a forum for people to add suggestions. So here it is! Feel free to put down any Userboxes you would like to see! But, there are a few rules on what Userboxes I will/won't do.
  • I won't do any Userboxes for Users. I can help but I will not make them for you.
  • They don't necessarily HAVE to pertain to the kingdom hearts Universe. (This is a fansite after all!)
  • I can also re-make any userboxes that are plain, boring, or just needs to be updated.
  • For remakes, there should be a link to the userbox, not the userbox itself.

Thanks for your help!! :)

New Userbox Requests

Noblesse Oblige

Ultima Weapon KHREC13sora Keyblade of People's Hearts KH

  • Hidan no Aria userbox with this image here Angel Beats! (LA) 02:48, August 9, 2012 (UTC)
    • Done, feel free to make changes.
  • Here's a big one and one that should have been done a bit a ago...ALL the new world's userboxes for KH3D...Have fun!!! Angel Beats! (LA) 08:34, August 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Whew! All Done!
  • How 'bout a Invader Zim box? Ultima Weapon KHREC13sora Keyblade of People's Hearts KH
    • Interjecting here but I've already made an Invader Zim userbox here Angel Beats! (LA) 03:01, August 11, 2012 (UTC)
    • LA, could you please make it a template? Ultima Weapon KHREC13sora Keyblade of People's Hearts KH
  • How 'bout a Dream Eater Nightmare and Spirit box. You know, like this one?

Arpeggio (Days)I like my sitar, I like my sitar, I take my sitar wherever I go, ooooooh.Arpeggio (Days)

  • Now this one is going to be big...add likes to every Dream Eater Spirit userboxes?. Tall order LA knows but still... Angel Beats! (LA) 01:56, February 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • Sounds good. I'll let you know when they are finished.
  • EDIT:Do you want one for the Spirit AND one for the Nightmare, or do you just want one for both?
  • Here you go, any changes before I put them in templates? Nobody Too lazy for a talk bubble Nobody

Re-done/"Update needed" Userbox Requests

  • Can you put a link to the page in the Demyx Time box?

Arpeggio (Days)I like my sitar, I like my sitar, I take my sitar wherever I go, ooooooh.Arpeggio (Days)'n 13sora


  • I've noticed that a lot of userboxes have removed images. This one for example... Should we make a new section for them? Ευχαριστώ! The Keyblade-Wielding Alien Dog
    • Those can go in the above section, just specify that the picture needs to be replaced, so I don't re-do the whole thing :) Get it memorized
  • Can you move the DDD Achievements boxes to you-know-where?

Ultima Weapon KHREC13sora Keyblade of People's Hearts KH 02:06, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

  • Since you're the cool go-to guy for userboxes, I was wondering if you think it's time for a userbox overhaul? There are some userboxes that are only used on one or two pages and I don't think they're necessary, do you? Of course I am not referring to friend boxes or userboxes hosted in userspace. Whaddayathink? Spade_zps679382e3.png Diamond_zpsfdfd0b13.png FINALREST Club_zps06bfa1b5.png Heart_zps10c06240.png 09:33, February 12, 2013 (UTC)
    • Sounds good! But how do we go about this "overhaul"?

Noblesse Oblige

  • Maybe looking at all the userboxes and getting rid of the ones that are used by 10 or less people? Or 5 or less? How's that? RoseLeft_zps48281cb0.png This concludes my wonderful story! RoseRight_zpsced445e6.png 06:44, February 13, 2013 (UTC)

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