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Welcome to the Seat of War, a forum designed for you to share any new ideas you may have for the series, or any other content of the series that is considered non-canonical. While this forum is rather flexible for your content, please refrain from adding silly topics, and please check to see if your topic already exists before posting a new one! If you feel that a thread is particularly important for the entire community, please contact a Staff member to have it labeled as a Stickied Thread. View recent changes for this forum | View alphabetic list of topics

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This or That (KH Edition)05:19, October 17, 2016FinalRest
Ideas for the next KH saga16:04, September 14, 2016The Timeless Hero
Disappointing Boss Fights09:28, June 24, 2015LegendAqua
New world Ideas05:34, January 22, 2015Incub7
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 Ultimate Edition13:00, November 1, 2014Legends of beyond