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KA_MK_sprite_zps3r96vv6m.png Hey all! KSM and I have been working on a couple of neat things that we'd like to present to you all!


We've set up a Trello board for the wikiverse. See here. For those unfamiliar with it, Trello is like an online bulletin board. It'll help us get a broader view of what needs to be done. It'll also help us know exactly what needs to be done, and more specific than what we could reasonably do on the wiki, more easily. It's publicly viewable, but an account is required to edit it. There are lists currently for Project χ and Operation:Keychain.


We've joined the cool kids and set up a Discord server! KSM and I have been testing this out all this week. We know there's some discomfort with making an account, but we've found out there's a way to make it so you can join without creating an account. To do so:

  1. Simply go to [1] and select "Open Discord in Browser".
  1. Choose a nickname and verify you're not a robot
  1. You can skip the tutorial.
  1. When it asks to register, simply click on the background to close it.
  1. Click on the + sign on the left hand side, and select "Join a Server"
  1. Input this link:

We'd like everyone to join and try it out. The idea is that it'll help us better communicate progress and assignments for the individual projects. In fact, we can create individual channels for each project. We've also played around with things like bots, so that if the official Kingdom Hearts twitter/youtube posts anything, it'll let us know in the chat. Then we can all squee with excitement as the new trailer for KH3 releases! (Next one is due in February by the way!)

And the great thing is that Discord has supported mobile apps, so it makes it more convenient. Now, this server isn't meant to replace any existing chat channels like the Facebook Messenger groups or the IRC. Rather, it's to help us better organize. It's an addition, and an expansion of some of our discussion outlets on the wikis (there's a forum that is an expansion to the Where Nothing Gathers forum)

So, we'd like to get your feedback. The plan is to have any issues and questions resolved and have these tools available to whoever is interested by New Years, if we're interested in having them. As well as having them linked on the wikis. Please let us know what you think, any improvements we need to make, and any other thoughts you have! KA_Kirby_sprite_zpsro1rrat1.png

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You earned...the icing on the cake!I Am THE BEST (내가 제일 잘 나가) 22:03, December 23, 2017 (UTC)

Oathkeeper KHD Very snazzy! Nice work, both of you. I don't have any improvements that I can think of at the moment (given that I have never used Discord before), but if I do think of something, I'll definitely say! Oathkeeper KHD