Enemy Cards appear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories as a type of card which provides temporary passive effects within battle. While Enemy Cards require CP like playing cards, they are kept in a separate part of Sora and Riku's decks, and do not have numbered values. Each Heartless within the game has its own Enemy Card, which for Sora can be obtained as a random reward, dropped by the last Heartless to be defeated in a battle.

Bosses also have their own Enemy Cards, and although these are non-random rewards, some bosses must be defeated multiple times before they will drop their Enemy Card. Although Riku cannot modify his deck, for most of the worlds he visits, his deck includes an Enemy Card based on a Heartless native to that world. Furthermore, Riku is allowed to keep any boss-based Enemy Cards that he obtains.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories modifies the effects of the Darkball and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness Enemy Cards, as their original effects were only usable in Link Mode, which was removed from the game. As a result of the changes, the Darkball card is no longer available in Sora's Tale, and the Ansem card's practical effect is reduced to its elemental resistances.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories also introduces eight additional Enemy Cards based on the Organization members who did not have cards in the original release, as well as two Special Cards. One of the new Enemy Cards, Zexion, can be obtained through normal gameplay, while the other seven are obtained as game completion bonuses. The two Special Cards are used in the same way as Enemy Cards, but do not represent any enemy and are obtained as Bounties once every other card has been collected.

Enemy Cards are available in both Sora's Tale and Reverse/Rebirth. While Heartless and Heartless bosses use numbered versions of their Enemy Card to attack, character bosses instead use Attack and Magic versions of their Enemy Cards. The only Enemy Cards that are not obtainable are "Honey Bee", "Marluxia (Second Form)", and "Marluxia (Third Form)". However, character bosses can also use various Enemy Cards as passive abilities, in the same manner that Sora and Riku can.

List of Enemy CardsEdit

Card Name Effect Description Limit CP
Shadow (card)Shadow[1]Incrementor (ナンバープラス
Nanbā Purasu
?, lit. "Number Plus")
Increases the value of all cards by 1.2 reloads25
Soldier (card)SoldierCombo Plus (コンボプラス
Konbo Purasu
Adds an extra hit to normal combos.3 reloads15
Large Body (card)Large Body[2]Guard (リフレクトガード
Rifurekuto Gādo
?, lit. "Reflect Guard")
Deflects frontal physical attacks and completely nullifies damage.1 reload40
Red Nocturne (card)Red NocturneFire Boost (ファイアアップ
Faia Appu
?, lit. "Fire Up")
Increases the strength of fire-based abilities.1 reload20
Blue Rhapsody (card)Blue RhapsodyBlizzard Boost (ブリザドアップ
Burizado Appu
?, lit. "Blizzard Up")
Increases the strength of ice-based abilities.1 reload20
Yellow Opera (card)Yellow OperaThunder Boost (サンダーアップ
Sandā Appu
?, lit. "Thunder Up")
Increases the strength of lightning-based abilities.1 reload20
Green Requiem (card)Green RequiemCure Boost (ケアルアップ
Kearu Appu
?, lit. "Cure Up")
Increases the potency of healing abilities.1 reload20
Powerwild (card)Powerwild[3]Retrograde (ナンバーリバース
Nanbā Ribāsu
?, lit. "Number Reverse")
Reverses the values of all cards. 1 becomes 9, 2 becomes 8, etc. Cards with a value of 0 are not affected.1 reload30
Bouncywild (card)BouncywildDraw (ドロー
Attracts fallen cards and items for easy retrieval.5 reloads10
Air Soldier (card)Air SoldierReload Kinesis (ムーブリロード
Mūbu Rirōdo
?, lit. "Move Reload")
Allows reloads while in motion.3 reloads30
Bandit (card)BanditCombo Finish (コンボフィニッシュ
Konbo Finisshu
Makes the first strike as powerful as a combo finish.1 reload30
Fat Bandit (card)Fat Bandit[4]Back Attack (バックアタック
Bakku Atakku
Deals more damage when striking enemies from behind.2 reloads40
Barrel Spider (card)Barrel SpiderQuickload (クイックリロード
Kuikku Rirōdo
?, lit. "Quick Reload")
Reloads cards instantly.3 reloads30
Search Ghost (card)Search Ghost[5]Drain (ドレイン
Absorbs enemy HP when striking with attack cards, but enemies will drop fewer items.1 reload35
Sea Neon (card)Sea Neon[6]Random Values (スロットナンバー
Surotto Nanbā
?, lit. "Slot Number")
Randomizes the values of cards you use.1 reload20
Screwdiver (card)ScrewdiverDecrementor (ナンバーオフ
Nanbā Ofu
?, lit. "Number Off")
Decreases the values of all cards by 1.1 reload15
Aquatank (card)AquatankAuto-Reload (オートリロード
Ōto Rirōdo
Automatically reloads cards when they run out.1 reload30
Wight Knight (card)Wight Knight[7]Float (レビテト
?, lit. "Levitate")
Alters gravity to boost jumping ability.3 reloads15
Gargoyle (card)GargoyleVanish (バニシュ
Makes you invisible and reduces your chances of being hit.1 reload30
Pirate (card)Pirate[8]All Zeros (ナンバー0
Nanbā 0
?, lit. "Number 0")
Changes the values of all cards to 0.1 reload30
Air Pirate (card)Air PirateItem Bracer (アイテムベール
Aitemu Bēru
?, lit. "Item Veil")
Stops enemies from breaking item cards you use.3 reloads30
Darkball (card)Darkball[9]Cardblind[KHCoM] (カードブライン

Duel Trigger[Re:CoM] (デュエルトリガー
Dueru Torigā
Hide the cards you hold from hostile eyes.[KHCoM]
Next card activates card duel regardless of the number.[Re:CoM]
3 reloads[KHCoM]
1 reload[Re:CoM]
Defender (card)Defender[10]Protect (プロテス
Decreases damage from physical attacks by the enemy. Magical attacks do normal damage.1 reload30
Wyvern (card)WyvernReload Lock (リロードガード
Rirōdo Gādo
?, lit. "Reload Guard")
Stops the reload counter from counting reloads.3 reloads20
Wizard (card)WizardMagic Boost (マジックアップ
Majikku Appu
?, lit. "Magic Up")
Disables use of summon cards to power up magic cards.1 reload30
Neoshadow (card)NeoshadowBio (バイオ
Causes enemies' HP to gradually drop.1 reload30
White Mushroom (card)White MushroomHyper Healing (ハイパーヒーリング
Haipā Hīringu
Restores some HP every time you use a friend card.3 reloads40
Black Fungus (card)Black FungusRandom Flush (ランダムフラッシュ
Randamu Furasshu
Activates a random enemy card effect.1 reload40
Creeper Plant (card)Creeper PlantLeaf Bracer (リーフベール
Rīfu Bēru
?, lit. "Leaf Veil")
Stops enemies from breaking Cure abilities you use.1 reload35
Tornado Step (card)Tornado StepReload Haste (リロードヘイスト
Rirōdo Heisuto
?, lit. "Reload Haste")
Subtracts 2 from the reload counter.1 reload30
Crescendo (card)CrescendoSummon Boost (サモンアップ
Samon Appu
?, lit. "Summon Up")
Disables use of magic cards to power up summon cards.1 reload30
Guard Armor (card)Guard ArmorWide Attack (ワイドアタック
Waido Atakku
Slightly extends the range of attack cards.30 attacks30
Parasite Cage (card)Parasite CageDispel (デスペル
Nullifies an opponent's enemy card without fail. Nothing happens if your opponent has no enemy card in play.1 use60
Trickmaster (card)TrickmasterValue Break (ナンバーブレイク
Nanbā Bureiku
?, lit. "Number Break")
Decreases value of the enemy's card when your card is broken.10 card breaks taken25
Darkside (card)DarksideMimic (イミテーション
?, lit. "Imitation")
Copies the enemy card your opponent is using. Nothing happens if your opponent has no enemy card in play.1 use99
Card Soldier, Heart (card)
Card Soldier, Spade (card)
Card SoldierAttack Haste (アタックヘイスト
Atakku Heisuto
Increases the speed of attack cards.30 attacks55
Hades (card)HadesBerserk (バーサク
Boosts the power of attack cards when low on HP (when the gauge is flashing red).
Resistant to fire, but stunned by ice.
30 attacks40
Jafar (Genie) (card)JafarAttack Bracer (アタックベール
Atakku Bēru
?, lit. "Attack Veil")
Stops enemies from breaking attack cards you use.20 attacks65
Oogie Boogie (card)Oogie BoogieRegen (リジェネ
Gradually restores HP. HP returns more quickly when low.10 uses40
Ursula (card)UrsulaShell (シェル
Halves the damage from enemies' magic attacks.5 hits taken50
Captain Hook (card)HookSecond Chance (ラストリーヴ
Rasuto Rīvu
?, lit. "Last Leave")
Retains 1 HP after a critical hit, provided you have 2 or more HP left.
Resistant to lightning, but stunned by fire.
3 uses.35
Maleficent (Dragon) (card)MaleficentOverdrive (オーバードライブ
Sacrifices reload speed to power up attack cards.30 attacks70
Riku Replica (card)RikuSleight Lock (ストックガード
Sutokku Gādo
?, lit. "Stock Guard")
Keeps cards used in sleights available for reloading.
Resistant to fire, ice, and lightning.
5 sleights80
Ansem (card)Ansem[11]Sleightblind (ストックブライン
?, lit. "Stockblind")
Conceal your stocked cards from opponents.[KHCoM][12]
Grants Sora resistance to certain elements.[Re:CoM]
Resistant to fire, ice, and lightning.
10 sleights40
Xemnas (card)Xemnas[13][Re:CoM]Quick Barrier (クイックバリアー
Kuikku Bariā
When receiving consecutive attacks, guards beyond the second strike.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
3 reloads65
Xigbar (card)Xigbar[14][Re:CoM]Shot Charge (ショットアップ
Shotto Appu
?, lit. "Shot Up")
Powers up missile attacks such as Strike Raid and Fire.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
2 reloads80
Xaldin (card)Xaldin[15][Re:CoM]Aero Guard (エアロガード
Earo Gādo
Activates Aero for a set time, inflicting damage to enemies who touch it.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
3 hits taken65
Vexen (card)VexenAuto-Life (リレイズ
?, lit. "Reraise")
Revives you automatically when your HP reaches 0. Only a small amount of HP is restored.
Immune to ice, but stunned by fire.
1 use60
Lexaeus (card)Lexaeus[16]Warp Break (デジョンブレイク
Dejon Bureiku
?, lit. "Dezone Break")
Obliterate enemies with the finishing blow of a combo with a high success rate.
Immune to ice, and resistant to physical attacks, but weak against special attacks.
50 attacks99
Zexion (card)Zexion[17][Re:CoM]Confu-Strike (コンフュストライク
Konfu Sutoraiku
Causes attacks to confuse enemy at a certain rate.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
50 attacks65
Saïx (card)Saïx[18][Re:CoM]Combo Boost (コンボブースト
Konbo Būsuto
Boosts power with every strike with an attack card. Returns to normal when a card is broken.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
20 attacks80
Axel (card)AxelQuick Recovery (クイックリカバリー
Kuikku Rikabarī
Allows use of cards even while staggering from damage.
Immune to fire, but stunned by ice.
10 hits taken75
Demyx (card)Demyx[19][Re:CoM]Water Charge (ウォーターチャージ
Wōtā Chāji
Dramatically boosts power of ice-based attacks, such as Aqua Splash and Blizzard.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
2 reloads80
Luxord (card)Luxord[20][Re:CoM]Omni Break (オールブレイク
Ōru Bureiku
?, lit. "All Break")
Breaks enemy's card no matter what the value.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
15 uses99
Marluxia (card)MarluxiaDouble Sleight (Wストック
W Sutokku
?, lit. "W Stock")
Use stocked cards and sleights twice in a row.
Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks, but weak against physical attacks.
2 sleights99
Larxene (card)LarxeneDash (ダッシュ
Increases running speed.
Immune to lightning, but weak against special attacks.
15 cards65
Roxas (card)Roxas[21][Re:CoM]Double Strike (ダブルヒット
Daburu Hitto
?, lit. "Double Hit")
Doubles the damage dealt by an attack card.20 attacks99

List of Special CardsEdit

Card Name Effect Description Limit CP
Gold Card (card)Gold Card[Re:CoM]Premium Guard (プレミアガード
Puremia Gādo
Allows premium cards to be reloaded.5 reloads99
Platinum Card (card)Platinum Card[Re:CoM]Invincible (ダメージ0
Damēji 0
?, lit. "Damage 0")
You will receive no damage.20 attacks99

List of unobtainable Enemy CardsEdit

Card Name Effect Description Limit CP
Honey Bee (card)Honey Bee[Re:CoM]
Marluxia (Second Form) (card)Marluxia (Second Form)
Marluxia (Third Form) (card)Marluxia (Third Form)[Re:CoM]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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