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The Drive Gauge.

The Drive Gauge is a new bar in Kingdom Hearts II like that of HP and MP. It is used above the MP gauge. It is used for Drive Forms and Summons in Kingdom Hearts II, which will deplete the gauge. You can replenish the Drive Gauge by dealing damage to enemies, picking up Drive Orbs or from the Drive Recovery or High Drive Recovery items.

In Kingdom Hearts II, you can get your Drive Gauge up to 7. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, you can get it up to 9, since three more battles are added and the bonus for one is removed. When a Drive Form is triggered, the Drive Gauge's function changes. The Drive Gauge becomes grey and the gauge starts depleting to indicate the remaining time for the Drive Form. The same thing happens when you use a summon. The more damage is dealt, the faster the gauge depletes. When the gauge hits zero, Sora will revert to his normal form or the summoned character will disappear, depending on which is used.

Drive Gauge Upgrades

Kh2 184

Drive Gauge while in a Form.

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Abilities that affect the Drive Gauge

Kh2 197

Drive Gauge while using a Summon.

  • Damage Drive - Drive Gauge is refilled when damage is taken.
  • Drive Boost - Drive Gauge restoration increased faster during MP Charge
Form Boost - Form Gauge depletes at 80% normal speed.

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